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Whipped Cream, Icing and Ganache

Keep them smooth and pretty for days without cracking!

Get more floor time for your frosting work with Ryoto Ester SP

Why use sucrose esters of fatty acid emulsifiers in Dairy Cream, Non-Dairy Cream, Butter Cream and Chocolate Ganache?

To appreciate the role of emulsifiers in whipping creams, it is best to know the microscopic changes that happen during the mixing process. When the cream is being whisked, air goes into the cream and releases back out almost immediately.

In the beginning, the fat globules of the cream are still tightly bound together by surface tension. As the mechanical forces disrupt this tension holding the phospholipid layer together and exposes their hydrophobic tails to the water-based environment.

Without the protection of the hydrophilic (water-loving) heads, the fatty lipid tails of the fat globules are now exposed to an unfavourable aqueous environment. This is like how opposite poles of a magnet are being forced together. In this “uncomfortable” scene, the fatty tails searched out air pockets which have seeped in as a more neutral ground of survival and quickly aligned themselves within the air pocket to form small fatty air globules.

When Your Cream Cracks With Time

It is a matter of time that your beautiful smooth layer of cream will dry up in the refrigerator and crack.

Cafes that source their cream cakes from wholesale cake factories usually display their cakes for 6 days. Cracks can start appearing in 3 days and affect the visual appeal in the disply.

With Ryoto Ester SP, you can be assured that your cream stays smoother without cracks after 3 days.

Reduce whisking time by as much as 35%!

Maintaining this key structure of fats and air bubble emulsion over time with Ryoto Sugar Esters results in:

Improved aeration

Reduced water separation

Maintained peaks formation (stand-up quality)

Improved volume

More floor time for the baker.

Less cracks

More moisture retention

Smoother effects.

With an emulsifier added, professional whipped creams are resilient to humidity changes, chilling temperatures, and air exposures.

Create More Floor Time For Your Frosting Work!

This cream mixing science applies to all types of creams – American Butter Cream, Italian Meringue Cream to Swiss Meringue Cream.

If you are using several colors for your icing decorations, you will love the extra floor time that Ryoto Ester SP bring you.

In general, creams with higher percentages of fat can be whipped up to stiffer peaks and are more stable.

Emulsifiers with very targeted actions at different fat levels speed up this foaming process.

Sucrose fatty acid esters from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation are available in different HLB values to facilitate emulsion formation in different formulas of water and fat proportions.

Chocolate Ganache

Ganache is an oil-in-water emulsion. It is the meeting and mixing of chocolate and cream. Within these 2 ingredients, interplays immiscible components like fatty cocoa butter, milk fat, with sugar, and water within the cream.

As such, ganache comes apart easily and may turn oily as it separates.

Question: Want a smooth and creamy ganache?

Ans: Make a well-blended and stable fat-in-water emulsion with high quality sucrose fatty acid esters.

Other than watching the chocolate temperature, stirring speed and ratio of cream to chocolate, one way is to improve the stability of the oil-in-water emulsion with emulsifiers.

Question: How about fat bloom?

Ans: Fat bloom occurs due to the migration of cocoa butter fats to the surface. Simply use high quality emulsifiers tested to reduce fat bloom.

Question: Sugar crystallization makes the ganache gritty instead of smooth, how do you prevent this from happening?

Ans: When stored in chilled temperatures, sugar in the ganache migrates to result in sugar crystallization. When an emulsifier is added to the ganache during mixing, it protects the sugar from moving away and aggregating to cause a change in texture.

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