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Baerlocher PVC Stabilizers & Additives

Processibility, Heat Stability, Compatibility with PVC, Dispersibility Ensures Consistent Quality For You

Stabilizers used in calendared PVC film and sheeting are Calcium-based Stabilizer Systems, Organotin Stabilizers, Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilizer

Stabilisers are PVC Additives that are necessary for processing PVC.

They impart PVC the required heat stability for processing and provide the finishied article with the necessary resistance to ageing during its usable lifetime.

Several stabilising components, together with other additives such as lubricants can be combined into a single additive one-pack to simplify work. Baerlocher´s stabilisers and stabiliser/lubricant one-packs exist in different forms, i.e. as liquids, pastes and solid products. For commercial and hygienic reasons, forms of solid components delivered in low-dusting versions are enjoying increasing popularity.

The following forms are available:
– filled small bags containing a batch size quantity.
– pellets
– flakes
– pastilles and
– low-dusting additive masterbatches containing PVC

Four product groups of PVC Stabilisers can be identified:

Lead Stabilisers:
* primary lead stabilisers
* solid lead soaps
* liquid lead compounds

Tin Stabilisers:
* thiotin compounds
* tin carboxylates
* tin mercaptide / carboxylate

Mixed Metal components:
* barium/zinc compounds
* calcium/zinc compounds

Metal-free Stabilisers:
* primary organic stabilisers
* organic costabilisers

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