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Frozen / Retort RTE Meals Stability

Achieve Multiple Freeze-Thaw and Heat Stability Textures with Ryoto Sugar Esters

The pandemic lockdown in 2020 had propelled the frozen meals food industry into a rocket surge in revenue.

As ready-to-eat meals gain acceptance and a widened audience, taste and textural demands correspondingly increased. Revenue difference amongst the frozen meals brands on grocery shelves revealed the true consumers’ preferences in quality taste over cost.

Compared to single type of foods, food technologists are especially challenged when it comes to the ready-to-eat frozen meals or retort category.

The complexities of combining different textures in the meats, vegetables, seasoning, sauces; to enable them for shelf stability after heat processing or multiple freeze-thaw cylces if frozen are compounded.

Creaminess In The Factory To Gloppy Soup On The Home Dining Table

The last thing any food technologist or you would want, is to develop a product that achieved all the points of a gourmet cuisine in a box and watch it fail at the point of consumption.

Freezing, thawing, high heating processes cause many reactions within your RTE meal to happen.

  • Starches break down and leak water molecules, losing their gel-like structure. Or you can call it syneresis.
  • Protein degenerates, reducing the rich textures and mouth-coating properties
  • Fats break down or gather in larger globules, giving an oilier mouthfeel without the encapsulated fragrance.

“Frozen products go through multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Without stabilizing the individual contents and sauces, these temperature variations will drastically alter the final meal’s texture.”

Ms Chia, Food Application Technologist

Using High Quality Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters To Stabilize the Textural System

Ryoto Sugar Esters from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporate can maintain the textural quality of frozen and retort Ready-To-Eat meal by

Preventing starch retrogradation in sauces or meat batter

Reducing protein denaturation in sauces, meats and vegetable patties

Gives stable emulsion in retort sterilization

Prevents oil separation

Prevents water separation

Prevents precipitation of contents

Prevents sticking to containers caused by heat denaturation

Prevents browning

Even other stabilizers, hydrocolloids or starches need emulsifiers to boost textural stability too!

Hydrocolloids are often a necessary part of a plant-based batter or sauce formula to simulate better organoleptic satiety effects. They need to be uniformly dispersed and hydrated to form consistent textures with the required shelf stabilities.

You can boost your hydrocolloid and starch systems with Ryoto Sugar Esters to extend the quality consistency and quality over the intended shelf-life.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Discover the Game-Changing Texturizer for Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Foods

When it comes to crafting Ready-to-Eat (RTE) foods, texture holds the power to bewilder and captivate. It’s the secret ingredient that can make your customers’ taste buds dance with joy. But selecting the right texturizer is no ordinary task.

Here at Halim Biotech, we grasp the importance of texture in RTE foods. Our exclusive range of premium texturizers has been crafted with the utmost care to elevate your creations and bewitch consumers. Let us illuminate why handpicking the perfect texturizer from our exceptional lineup is a transformative adventure for your RTE food endeavors:

Unravel Consistency

Unlocking a consistent texture across your RTE food repertoire is a riddle worth solving. Our texturizers have been intricately formulated to unveil a seamless texture throughout your product, ensuring that every bite resonates with exquisite pleasure. Bid farewell to variations and embrace an enchanting gastronomic experience that remains flawless from start to finish.

Ignite Mouthfeel Magic:

The ethereal mouthfeel of RTE foods has the potential to mesmerize or leave one yearning for more. With our specialized texturizers, you can orchestrate a symphony of sensations that perfectly aligns with your product’s essence. Whether you desire a symphony of crispness, a velvety crescendo, a chewy sonata, or a creamy ballad, our texturizers strike a harmonious balance, enhancing the sensory journey and imprinting everlasting memories.

Enchanting Stability:

The realm of RTE foods traverses through various realms of processing, packaging, transportation, and shelf life. Our texturizers wield their enchanting powers to maintain the desired texture and thwart the forces that seek to diminish it. With their magical properties, your RTE foods remain unwavering, preserving their irresistible texture from creation to consumption.

Unleash Customization Magic:

Weaving your unique narrative into each RTE food creation is the key to unlocking realms of culinary wonder. Our texturizers offer an enchanting tapestry of possibilities, empowering you to shape the texture precisely as per your product’s desires. Whether you yearn to add viscosity, enhance crispiness, elevate creaminess, or mold any other aspect of texture, our texturizers are your creative catalysts, summoning boundless possibilities.

Enthrall Consumer Satisfaction:

In the realm of RTE foods, consumer satisfaction reigns supreme. By embracing the right texturizer, you can weave a spell that transcends expectations. Whether you wish to create a line of decadent desserts, wholesome feasts, or innovative morsels, our texturizers empower you to craft extraordinary creations that leave a lasting impression on the palates of your audience.

At Halim Biotech, we embark on a sacred quest to elevate your RTE food creations to untold heights. Our team of skilled artisans is impassioned by the realm of texture, ready to guide you in selecting the mythical texturizer that resonates with your unique vision. With our bewitching formulations and unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that your RTE foods unfurl an unforgettable journey, setting your brand apart from the mundane.

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