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HAIMASTER Color Masterbatches by Cabot

HAIMASTER™ is a range of high concentrate pigment which already mixed and prepared in pellet form. It gives good tinting color, good dispersion and good processability at low cost, and it can help to keep the circumstances clean due to its pellet form.

HaimasterTM Color Masterbatches by Cabot Plastics

On the Base Resin of HAIMASTER™, it can be prepared according to the requirements (Polyolefine, Polystyrene, etc.)

Available in standard colors / grades:
Red ___________ product codes: 418, 4418
Yellow ________ product codes: 360, 3360 …
Blue __________ product codes: 760, 7760, 780 …
Green _________ product codes: 662

Other colors which can use different types of Base Resins can be manufactured according to the requests.

Processing Guide:
General suggestion to use HAIMASTER™ is 3-5 PHR, depend on color and request.

Packing: 25 kgs net in PP woven or multi-ply paper bag.

Exclusively distributed by Halim Biotech Pte Ltd and Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd.

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