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CABELEC Cabot Conductive Compounds

Electronic components are very easily damaged by electrostatic discharge. Protect them permanently by using packaging made from CABELEC® compounds by Cabot Plastics.

When raw materials are handled in powder form, there is a risk of explosion caused by electrostatic discharge. Large containers and sacks made from CABELEC® compounds eliminate this risk.

A full range of CABELEC compounds are formulated by combining conductive carbon black and thermoplastic resins.

CABELEC compounds meet the needs of many industries where permanent reduction of electrostatic hazards is required, such as:

  • electronics packaging;
  • safety applications;
  • automotive parts.

The conductive properties of CABELEC compounds are permanent and are an integral part of a material´s performance. They fulfill specific requirements related to their electrical, rheological, and mechanical properties.

For example, CABELEC® compounds are used as a semi-conductive screen in the production of power cables.

Exclusively distributed by Halim Biotech Pte Ltd and Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd.

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