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Beverage Innovation Emulsifiers

Make your beverage flavour kick in faster and leave a smooth aftertaste. Get your emulsion answers from our experts.

Whether it’s an old school RTD milk coffee, a milk tea using tea leaves grown with its unique scent, or a fibre protein milkshake — — they all require precision emulsifying science.

Like most food technologists, you will face a series of common problems when formulating milk beverages – ring formation, sedimentation, and microbial spoilage, just to name a few.

Add on the new demands for localised ingredients, lower sugar content, higher protein and fibre ingredients, you get a project that calls for a power emulsifier that can do more with less.

Most beverages with a combination of fats, proteins and seed ingredients require a high-grade targeted emulsifier to reduce the separation of fats and water, sedimentation of heavier protein particles and bacterial spoilage.

what beverage fomulator needs
Ryoto Sugar Esters

High Grade Quality Emulsifiers – Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids

Ryoto™ Sugar Esters from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation are the gold standards of emulsifiers used in beverages. Most categories of packaged drinks that include milk, oils, or nuts have added sucrose esters to pass shelf stability tests.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Plant-based Non Dairy

Chocolate Milk

Milk Coffee & Tea RTD


Activate our beverage emulsion experts – even a whatsapp msg will do

We treat your outreach respectfully as we know, all emulsion issues in dairy to alternative milk drinks are roadblocks to your quality control. The clock is ticking on your production deadline. One thing is sure, your beverage factory needs to produce consistent batches of RTD drinks to fulfil your contracts. Consistency in large scale production will need a robust formula that sticks.

Emulsion stability is science and art combined. We know your struggle.  To find the right emulsifier that can hold up your unique mix of oil, water, milk, sugars, fibres in a manner that maintains the textures and flavours, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

That is why, unlike other ingredient supplier companies, we take the time to understand the full scope of your product innovation – whether hot fill or cold fill, canned or glass bottles to learning your R&D journey for that creation.

“We felt very relieved to receive their detailed guidance on our concerns. Halim Biotech team split our problems apart and zoomed into solving them part by part.”

Cayden Ong, Senior Application Technologist, Malaysia


You can expect responsiveness

Because more than passion, decades of experiences gave us the confidence to recommend grades and dosing range of Ryoto Sugar Esters work for your unique situation. Samples are sent to you within 3 business days in normal circumstances. Your team just need to trust the track records and put the samples to the test.

You can expect our best response to your questions mid-testing. Did we just emphasize that emulsion work is art and science combined? We will not know all the whys, but we will try to tap on our resources to shed as much light as possible.

“During my research, I had difficulty getting a creamy texture even combining different gums. The suggestions by Halim Biotech gave me some ideas and this truly does make it better. I saved on R&D time, but this formula of gums + Ryoto sugar esters made my smoothie taste amazingly smooth, creamy, and consistent! It really is beyond just thickness… It becomes creamy and smooth like a milkshake. It seems to make the drink more filling/satisfying!”

Lih Cheng, Beverage R&D Technologist, Singapore


Your Supply Continuity

So you tried and found that our emulsifier is the perfect choice. Our team now works even harder to earn your trust and keep our communications fluid. This is the time when quotations, inventory management, production planning, and regulatory certifications are attended to. You may suddenly forget that we are not in the same company – that is how concerned we are for your production fulfilment!


Your Future in the new normal

RTD healthier functional drinks are trending. Online shopping in post pandemic population is the new lifestyle. Lifestyle bottled drinks in the form of milky bubble teas, non-dairy nut milks and traditional milk coffees are growing exponentially.

Know the tricks behind emulsion science, and you will stand resilient in this fast-changing beverage industry.

Get to know us today. If you are thinking global, our emulsifiers hold the key.

Feel like trying some samples?

Talk to our team today for a quick glimpse on how your food formulation issues can be resolved. If your production is in Singapore and Malaysia, you can be confident we will see through your entire R&D process from formulation to production!