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BDF Vegan Solutions

BDF Probind® series products are functional formulations based on the Transglutaminase enzyme. These proprietary blends are developed in high technological facilities in Europe and researched to improve the properties of final products. 

BDF Natural Ingredients and additives are proudly distributed by Halim Biotech in Singapore and Juhalim Biotech in Malaysia.

Unraveling the Enigma of Vegan Texture: Decoding Challenges Faced by Food Technologists in Crafting Plant-Based Meats

Are you a perplexed food technologist grappling with the intricacies of texture in vegan meat formulation?

Do you find yourself entangled in the maze of creating plant-based alternatives that can match the sensory delight of traditional meats while meeting clean-label needs and nutritional requirements?

Look no further! At Halim Biotech, we empathize with the enigmatic world of texture in vegan meats, and we’re here to untangle those knots alongside you.

The Importance of Texture in Vegan Meats

As a food technologist, you understand that texture is a vital element of any culinary experience, and its significance amplifies when it comes to vegan meats. Striving to replicate the juiciness, visual blends of structured fats with proteins and mouthfeel of conventional meats is a challenge that demands unwavering attention to texture. It is through achieving the right texture that outstanding plant-based products rise above the rest and leave consumers fully satisfied.

Common Texture Problems and Solutions

Dry and Crumbly: One of the most common challenges faced by food technologists is developing vegan meats that don’t end up dry and crumbly. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of plant-based ingredients and solutions with better binding ability to combat this issue. Through meticulous formulation, we can help you create vegan meats that retain moisture, resulting in a juicy and succulent eating experience.

Lack of Chewiness: Achieving the perfect level of chewiness in vegan meats can be a daunting task. We specialize in identifying the ideal combination of ingredients and processing methods to give your products that satisfying bite. Our deep understanding of plant proteins and texturizing agents enables us to tailor formulations that mimic the desired mouthfeel.

Difficulty formulating without soy or methyl cellulose: Most vegan recipes rely on soy and includes methyl cellulose as a common stabilizer. Our team excels in crafting solutions that incorporate plant-based fibers and binders to recreate the desirable meat-like texture without needing soy or methyl cellulose. With our expertise, not only can you create soy-free recipes but reduce costs by omitting the use of methyl cellulose.

Inconsistent Texture Across Product Lines: Maintaining consistency in texture across various product lines can be a significant challenge. Our systematic approach to texture optimization ensures that your vegan meats deliver a consistent experience, whether it’s burgers, sausages, or deli slices. We work closely with you to understand your brand’s requirements and develop customized formulations tailored to each product.

Because BDF Natural Ingredients takes pride in its high quality biotech enzyme production facilities, their special blend of Transglutaminase (TG) enzymes can be used to resolve formulation issues that usual texturizers are unable to do.

Emulsified Vegan Frankfurters

BDF PROBIND® Advantages:

  • Vegan sausages with great texture and meat-like mouthfeel
  • Improves elasticity
  • Can be used with a wide variety of plant-based proteins
  • The final product can be smoked, sliced, cooked and/or frozen while maintain the shape and texture

Recommended product:  BDF PROBIND® TXo

Almond Yoghurt Dessert

Premium Almond Dessert

BDF PROBIND® Advantages:

  • The texture and viscosity of plant-based recipe is very similar to a traditional dairy stirred yoghurt.
  • Clean label recipe: no stabilizers or texturizing additives needed
  • Non-dairy product with the healthy properties of fermented products.

Recommended product:  BDF PROBIND® TXo

Restructured Tofu

Restructured Tofu

BDF PROBIND® Advantages:

  • Allows the use of tofu leftovers, otherwise considered a waste ingredient, creating an added-value product.
  • Creates innovative products by mixing the tofu with a variety of ingredients. You can incorporate trendy ingredients to draw attention to your product.
  • Final product can be sliced, cooked and/or frozen maintaining the shape and texture.

Recommended product:  BDF PROBIND® TXo

Veggie Burger

without Soy or Methyl Cellulose

Veggie Burger Application

BDF ProtActive F® Advantages:

  • Creates Veggie Burgers without any methylcellulose
  • A source of vegetable protein and dietary fibre
  • A solution with great binding ability and unique textures and flavours
  • It allows the creation of 100% soy-free products
  • Clean label, 100% vegan and free of GMOs.

Recommended product:  BDF ProtActive F

Vegan Meatballs

Vegan meatballs

  • Binder HB is a binding agent for vegan and vegetarian products, designed to hold together a variety of ingredients, such as textured vegetable protein,
    mushrooms or vegetables.
  • 100% Vegan, soy and glutenfree, source of dietary fiber and vegetable protein.

Recommended product:  BINDER HB

Vegan Sausage

with Binder EM F

Vegan sausage made with BINDER EM F

  • It is a functional blend containing fava bean starch,fava bean protein concentrate, pea fiber, sodium alginate, phosphate and calcium sulfate.
  • BINDER EM F is designed to produce vegan cooked emulsified products.

Recommended product:  BINDER EM F

Plant-based Mortadella

with Binder EM F

Plant-based Mortadella

  • BINDER EM is especially developed for emulsified vegan and vegetarian products to impart great texture and appearance to emulsified sausage alternatives, such as plant-based cold cuts or frankfurters.
  • This vegan alternative to bologna has excellent texture and infinite possibilities.
  • 100% Vegan, soy and gluten-free, source of dietary fiber and vegetable protein.

Recommended product:  BINDER EM

Bean Burger Patties

with Binder EM

Bean Burger Patties

BINDER Advantages:

  • Allows the creation of new, vegan or vegetarian products. 
  • Provides structure and mouthfeel to a wide range of products.
  • Structured burgers can be cut, frozen or cooked without loosing its shape
  • Suitable for Halal and Kosher labeling.

Recommended product:  BINDER 2.0

Structured Vegetable Fat

with Binder 1.0

Structured Vegetable Fat

BINDER Advantages:

  • Suitable for reducing the fat content in a final product or for substituting animal (saturated) fat for vegetable (unsaturated) fat
  • Allows the addition of a high proportion of water, reducing calorie intake and manufacturing cost of the final product
  • Structured fat is thermo-irreversible (it does not melt) and may be cut or diced in any desired manner and added to the product during the production process
  • Can be used with any kind of vegetable oil

Recommended product:  BINDER 1.0

POWER UP Your Vegan Meat or Dessert Textures

Unlock the full potential of vegan meats by harnessing the power of texture.

Join hands with Halim Biotech and let us be your trusted partner in crafting exceptional plant-based products that satisfy both your customers and your business goals.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of vegan texture mastery!

Together, we’ll revolutionize the world of plant-based meats.

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GRAS approved

FAQ on Texturizers for Vegan Meats

How Costly Are Your Texturizer Solutions?

Our meat texturizers work wonders for cost-efficiency. They speed up firmness development, elevate texture, and amp up binding right in those initial curing stages. The icing on the cake? They slash slicing losses, giving a fantastic boost to your final product costs.

Can I Reduce the Setting Time of your Binder to zero?

At Halim Biotech, we’d like to say Nothing Is Impossible, though if you are using (transglutaminase-based) TG blends, the reaction time for proteins cross-linking is definitely needed. How much time, will depend on the process conditions and recipe. For alginate-based binders, the setting time is as quick as single-digit minutes. Look for our experts to find your ideal binder!

I am Worried that My Formulation Has Too Much Additives…

You have found your right partner in formulation! We take away your worries with our high-performing emulsifiers and texturizers. We apply our mantra of “Less Is More” on every enquiry. Due to the well-researched, multi-functional and consistent quality of our binders and emulsifiers, there have been many happy food technologists who have reduced doses of their original stabilizers or some even managed to cut some completely and reduced the overall recipe costs.

Boost your foodtech confidence now – contact our team by filling out this contact form.

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