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Cakes, Doughnuts, Biscuits

No more soggy cupcakes, crater chiffons and lumpy cookies once you try Ryoto Sugar Esters.

Your cakes are tasting heavy and clumpy instead of soft and spongey.

Your muffins come out inconsistently shaped and of different sizes.

Worse, your cookies that started out crispy crumbled within a day.

Want melt-in-the-mouth cake textures? Stabilize your air bubbles!

Stabilizing Air Foam in High Ratio Cakes, Batter Cakes, Foam Cakes, Pound Cakes, Sponge Cakes, Butter Cakes, Chiffon Cakes

Cakes typically consist of 3 main ingredients: flour, eggs, and sugar.

Depending on the type of cake, the ratio amongst these 3 ingredients change according to its own classification.

No matter the ratio differences, one key need remains – control on the size and stability of air bubbles formed during the mixing of the cake batter.

Eggs are natural emulsifiers but improving air bubble emulsion stability with added plant-based emulsifiers will give distinctly refined smoothness, fluffiness, and moistness.

During the whisking process, micro-sized air bubbles are introduced into the batter.  These air bubbles are the reason for a cake’s fluffiness, richness, and smoothness. With time, these air bubbles combine, migrate to the surface and escape into the air.

Mechanical beating of the mixture helps to protect the air bubbles formed using the proteins and fats of the egg whites and egg yolk, stabilizing this bubble emulsion structure.

When a batter-aerating emulsifier, for example, Ryoto Ester SP with powerful sucrose fatty acid esters, is added, this batter full of minute air bubble-fat emulsions become very resilient to temperature and oxidation challenges.

All-in method is ENABLED with Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters.

Cake batter whisking without added emulsifiers will need very careful step-by-step mixing of eggs, butter, a slow calibrated pour of sugar to form a stable ribbon stage of the mixture. Flour is then folded in slowly and carefully so as not to disturb the foam structure that has been whipped in. This is also the reason why cakes rise well in the oven only to sink drastically if the flour component is not added with a slower mixing speed.

If butter oil or vegetable oil is in the recipe, this last step of batter mixing must be done slowly and in a folding manner so as not to disrupt the protective egg protein layer around the air bubbles and affect the foam distribution in the batter.

Bakeries make use of batter-aerating emulsifiers to maintain quality, consistency, and productivity.

With the use of specialized batter aerating emulsifying agents like Ryoto Ester SP, large-scale producers can utilize the “all-in” method for whisking of cake batters.

Ryoto Ester SP is made of a proprietary mix of monoglycerols, sucrose fatty acid esters and other functional plant-based ingredients which have synergistic actions on the cake batter stability.

When added in during mixing, Ryoto Ester SP micronizes and protects the air bubbles efficiently, making them resilient to the other ingredients that tend to destabilize the foam structure. As a result, Ryoto Ester SP has multiple functions of a softener, batter-aerator and emulsifier. Cakes made with Ryoto Ester SP are


Maintain their volume and height up to 7 days

Softer and finer-crumbed

Retains moisture

Crumbles less easily over time

Doughnut Textures – Fluffy, Consistent and Not Oily

Frying Doughnuts With A Less Oily Mouthfeel

Whether they are cake doughnuts, yeast-raised doughnuts or frozen doughnuts, this sweet bread that is fried needs an efficient and consistent emulsifier within the batter.

The interaction of the starches, sugar and proteins within the batter in high temperature oil during frying makes doughnuts especially demanding in maintaining consistent textures.

Ryoto Ester SP helps to disperse the oil in batter evenly and quickly, reducing the time needed to fry. Doughnuts can maintain the fluffy and tender textures, without being oily to the touch.

Frozen doughnuts face additional challenges from the freeze-thaw cycles. When exposed to freezing temperatures, multiple interactions within the dough cause the quality to deteriorate. Starches and sugars migrate, resulting in loss of gluten structures, crystallization effects causing gritty textures and syneresis making the doughnut dry and small.

Using a high-quality emulsifier in doughnuts, especially frozen doughnuts, keeps the gluten matrix intact and retains the moisture that is usually affected by large variations in temperature.

Biscuits, Crackers, and Cookies that Don’t Crumble

Consistent taste, biscuits that don’t crumble with transport stress, shelf-life.

From short butter biscuits, bland Marie types to cookies mixed with nuts and raisins, you need your dough to behave with the viscosity, rigidity and strength in the same way across different batches.

Want crack formation? Sucrose fatty acid esters can do it.

Want higher volume after baking? Sucrose fatty acid esters can do it.

Biscuit factories are volume producers. A dough too sticky will decrease productivity with inconsistent shapes and lengthen cleaning time. Adding a good quality emulsifier improves the emulsion of fats within the dough, reducing stickiness of dough to machine.

Productivity is increased by sucrose fatty acid esters as cookies are more voluminous, have higher mechanical strengths to withstand long term storage, transport and handling. In addition, high-fat cookies are prevented from fat bloom presentations, thereby improving their sell by date.

For confectioneries producing seasonal Christmas or New Year cookies months in advance, adding Ryoto Sugar Ester emulsifier can reduce wastage, improve consistent performance and higher confidence their biscuit quality at the time of consumption.

Need Your Cake Emulsifier to be both Natural and Clean Label?

No worries, we have this too! We know that bakers and confectioners are incorporating clean-label additives into their recipes, enhancing the quality of their products while adhering to consumer preferences.

Navigating Formulation Challenges: Crafting Healthier Muffins with Clean Label Additives

Food technologists, armed with innovation and a commitment to consumer well-being, face a series of formulation problems unique to this endeavor. These challenges demand creative solutions and precision, and Unifit VE-Max emerges as a promising answer to these hurdles.

🧪 Complex Texture Dynamics 🧪

Muffins, with their characteristic moist, tender crumb, represent a delicate balance of ingredients and techniques. When transitioning to healthier versions, incorporating clean label additives while preserving this texture can be daunting. Food technologists must meticulously select additives that maintain or enhance crumb quality, ensuring that the final product remains satisfying to the palate.

🌾 Gluten-Free Conundrum 🌾

For many consumers, gluten-free is no longer a dietary choice; it’s a necessity. Crafting gluten-free muffins that are equally delicious is a persistent challenge. Clean label additives must be adept at mimicking the binding properties of gluten, providing structure and softness. Selecting the right combination of clean label ingredients that mimic gluten can be a puzzle that food technologists strive to solve.

🏭 Clean Label Complexity in Manufacturing 🏭

While clean label additives are preferred, integrating them into large-scale production can be complex. Formulators face the challenge of ensuring that these additives perform consistently, meeting quality standards while adhering to the “clean label” criteria. Food technologists must search for clean label additives that are not only functional but also practical for commercial-scale manufacturing.

🥚 Egg and Fat Replacement 🥚

Reducing the fat content and replacing eggs in muffin recipes is often a central component of healthier formulations. Clean label additives must demonstrate their ability to fulfill these essential roles, while maintaining the product’s desired texture and taste. Selecting additives that provide these functionalities can be a formidable task in formulation.

🧼 Preservation of Freshness 🧼

Consumer expectations for freshness have never been higher. Clean label additives should not only enhance the nutritional profile but also extend the shelf life of muffins. Ensuring that the muffins remain moist, soft, and appetizing over an extended period is a technical challenge that food technologists strive to address.

💡 The Unifit VE-Max Solution 💡

Unifit VE-Max is the innovation that promises to alleviate these formulation problems. As a clean label emulsifier, it streamlines the process of creating healthier muffins by addressing these challenges head-on. Food technologists can rely on Unifit VE-Max to achieve the perfect texture, emulate gluten’s properties, navigate clean label complexities in manufacturing, replace eggs and fats effectively, and preserve the muffins’ freshness.

The journey to crafting healthier muffins with clean label additives may be fraught with complexities, but with the right tools and innovative solutions like Unifit VE-Max, food technologists are well-equipped to overcome these formulation challenges and meet the evolving demands of health-conscious consumers with delectable, clean label muffins.

Try our clean label emulsifier that is both natural and an enabler of healthier formulations! If you are concerned over the inferior performance that appears frequently in healthier formulations, this is a game-changer. Not only does it not affect the original taste or textures, it will make your muffin or bun bigger with finer crumbs!

Find out more about this cost-efficient egg- replacer now.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Ryoto Ester SP

Ready-To-Use Baking Aerator Gel

There’s no harm in trying. Don’t wait to experience the magic of RyotoTM!

The Low-Sugar Delight Enigma

Imagine a world where your favorite cakes, donuts, and biscuits keep their scrumptious flavor but lose the sugar. This isn’t just a fad; it’s a full-on culinary whirlwind. Health-conscious consumers are craving the sweet without the sugar slump.

Crafting Conundrums for Food Technologists

Let’s get one thing straight: whipping up low-sugar treats that taste as heavenly as the sugary classics is like solving a deliciously puzzling riddle. Sugar isn’t just a flavor; it’s the texture, the mouthfeel, and the magic ingredient. You’ll tackle a rollercoaster of challenges:

  • Texture Twists: Sugar adds that mouthwatering fluff and chew to your baked goods. Without it, you’re in for a wild ride trying to nail the perfect consistency.
  • Flavor Mysteries: Sugar elevates the taste to gourmet levels. Removing it can lead to taste bud acrobatics, balancing between too bland or too artificial. It’s your job to unlock the secrets of sweetener replacements that preserve the rich, indulgent flavor.
  • Sweetness Science: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find sweetener replacements that deliver the same level of sweetness without making calorie counters hyperventilate.

The Sweetener Switcheroo

Enter the enigmatic world of sweetener replacements, where food technologists become modern-day alchemists, transforming recipes into low-sugar wonders:

  • Natural Enigma: Sweetener replacements like erythritol, monk fruit, and stevia are like the secret ingredients in a magician’s hat. They bring the same sweetness as sugar without the calorie rabbit hole.
  • Calorie Conundrum: For those who count every calorie, sweetener replacements are the missing puzzle piece. They deliver the sweetness without the calorie conundrum, making dietary goals a breeze.
  • Clean Label Quandary: Sweetener replacements are the elusive answer to the clean label riddle. They’re natural, transparent, and cater to the modern consumer’s craving for honesty.
  • Consistency Clue: These sweeteners are your accomplices in maintaining the puzzling stability and consistency of your low-sugar cakes, donuts, and biscuits, leaving you with a solution that’s ready for the shelves.

Join the Culinary Conundrum

The trend of low-sugar cakes, donuts, and biscuits isn’t just a sweet tooth rebellion; it’s a cryptic challenge for food technologists. Embrace the puzzling, perplexing path of innovation and creativity, and uncover the secrets of sweetener replacements to craft treats that bewilder taste buds with their flavorful enigma. It’s time to join the culinary quest and unravel the mysteries of indulgent treats with a healthy twist!

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