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Shelf Stable Jellies, Puddings and Jams

Your Puddings Don’t Need To Weep or Be Rubbery Hard!

It is difficult to get the right proportions of water, sugar, pectin, or gelatin right!

Jellies and Jams are part of the growing healthier dessert market on the shelves. Promoted as collagen building health supplements, antioxidant lifestyle foods, food technologists are coming up with new lines of dessert jellies and jams supplements in this Covid era.

R&D process of the shelf-stable jelly or pudding dessert recipe is filled with challenges.

You may have encountered sugar crystals affecting the smooth, bouncy feel.

Or most commonly, a weeping jelly that shrinks over time in the fridge.

Try compensating on the weeping with more gelatin, and your jelly turns rubbery!

How Do You Stabilize Jellies For Shelf Distribution?

Understand that for gelatin to hold that gel-like structure, the protein bonds have to be protected when they are cooled.  The interactions of the proteins, water and sugars give them the gel-like structure and changes with temperature.

This instability makes it necessary to add an emulsifier that can stabilize their cooled structures and make your jellies tolerate minor temperature differences!

Can your brand of jellies and puddings boast a good stand-up quality?

It all has to do with how your gelatin formation can withstand weeping or crystallization over time.

Stabilize the hydrogen bonds and ionic interactions between the proteins and water molecules with a plant-based emulsifier like Ryoto Sugar Esters, make the gel stronger without having to add in more gelatin ingredient.

Get your jelly textures right without gritty sugar crystallization, and stop them from weeping prematurely with small amounts of sucrose fatty acid esters!

Difficulty removing the dessert from the packaging?

Some cafes remove these ready puddings from their packagings to serve in their bespoke cutlery. The last thing you want is for your dessert to break apart before it reaches their customer’s table.

Make it easy to remove and yet stay light and chewy till it’s in the mouth.

Learn more about Ryoto Sugar Esters and their vast applications!

Ryoto Sugar Esters

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Creating Sugar-Free Jams, Jellies, and Puddings: A Flavorful Challenge

Imagine savoring your favorite fruit preserves or creamy pudding without the worry of excessive sugar. The trend of sugar-free jams, jellies, and puddings is not just a passing phase; it’s a culinary transformation, and you, as a food technologist, are at the heart of it.

The Art and Science of Sweetener Replacement

Designing sugar-free jams, jellies, and puddings is a blend of art and science. Sweeteners are integral to these products, impacting not only their sweetness but also their texture and overall quality. Here are the key challenges you’ll encounter:

  • Texture Mastery: Sugar not only sweetens but also contributes to the texture and structure of jams, jellies, and puddings. Without it, these delectable treats can become less appealing. Your skill lies in achieving the perfect consistency.
  • Flavor Alchemy: Sugar enhances the overall flavor profile, complementing the natural taste of fruits and other ingredients. Removing sugar can lead to flat or overly artificial flavors. Your expertise will be needed to identify the ideal sweetener replacements that maintain the mouthwatering taste.
  • Stability and Setpoint Precision: Sugar’s role in setting jams and jellies or creating the creamy texture of puddings is crucial. Overcoming this challenge means finding sweetener alternatives that maintain the products’ consistency and visual appeal.

Elevate Your Jam, Jelly, and Pudding Creations

As a food technologist, you stand at the forefront of the sugar-free jam, jelly, and pudding revolution. Embrace the challenges and harness the potential of sweetener replacements to create products that delight the health-conscious, calorie-conscious, and lovers of classic treats alike. Your expertise and innovation will redefine the future of jams, jellies, and puddings, one guilt-free spoonful at a time. Join the movement and discover a world of sweet, indulgent pleasures, minus the sugar.

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