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Meat Patties, Plant Analogues, & Healthier Frozen Meats

Juicy, tender and leaner meats bursting with flavor in every bite

Frozen Meat Patties, Nuggets and Other Plant-based Analogues

Can your factory frozen meat patty make it?

“they just taste nicer normally, homemade patties done in your own kitchen.

Kate, consumer in her 30s, Singapore

Food technologists and meat producers have all along battled with challenges in maintaining meat batter product texture and color during storage and large temperature fluctuations. This is due to rapid oxidation of the lipid and protein content.

Why are some meats so fragrant?

Preventing oil separation in liver pastes and bolognas will help you lock the fragrance in!

For plant-based meat alternatives, protein and oil oxidation are similar. In addition to that, the differences in meat muscle lengthy structure of meat versus rigid crisp cell walls of plant fibers, also present additional challenge for texture simulation.

Emulsifiers are used in meat batters, sausages, burger patties and frozen meats to stabilize emulsions formed amongst protein, fats, water and other ingredients.

What happens when minced meat patties are prepared without emulsifiers and texturizers?

Meat prepared without emulsifiers is softer in texture due to insufficient binding and by varying the amounts of emulsifier used, the hardness or chewiness texture can be modified accordingly. (Fidel, 2010).

Fat globules are not as well dispersed and oil-in-water emulsions are unstable, affecting the cooked taste and texture profile.

Pre-cooked meat use emulsifiers of sucrose esters, items like meat patties, sausages benefit from the enhanced binding effects and stable micro oil in water droplets which will help to maintain mouthfeel and texture. (EFEMA, 2015).

Texturizers in the form of transglutaminase enzymes, also known as meat glue, are often used in food processing to bind different pieces of meat together into a single larger piece.

Without the use of transglutaminase enzymes, meat may not have the same uniform appearance or texture as it would if it were bound together using this method. Additionally, without the use of meat glue, it may be more difficult to create complex, layered dishes that require multiple types of meat to be combined.

Want to Make Healthier and Cheaper Sausages?

BDF PROBIND® series products are functional formulations based on the Transglutaminase enzyme in order to improve the properties of final products in all emulsified products like sausages, cooked ham, dry fermented sausages to surimis and seafood products.

The Ultimate Dream Functionalities of a Texturizer for Meats and Sausages

Foodtech 2023

Achieve the Best Textures while standardizing the final product

Helps in the elimination of phosphates and caseinates

Improves meat bite

Enables low sodium products without compromising on textures

Enables lowering of final product costs

Improving Water Holding Capacity in Sausages and Pressed Meats

Improves water holding capacity of sausages and pressed
ham and prevents separation of oil phase of such products
as liver pastes and bolognas.

Can we use BDF Binder in Plant-based meat analogues?

BINDER EM and BINDER HB are designed by BDF Natural Ingredients to impart texture and provide adhesion to vegan products.

Yes, it can be used in vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, natural 100% vegan and healthier labelled products.

Researched to cater to the modern plant-based healthier food manufacturers, BDF Natural Binders are gaining popularity as part of commercial vegan recipes enabling better quality natural-based, healthier frozen grocery shelve products to be distributed worldwide.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

BDF Probind

Transglutaminase Solutions by BDF Natural Ingredients

BDF Binder

series are functional formulations based on alginates and calcium.

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