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Clean Label Baking Emulsifier Singapore Malaysia

Replace Your EGGS Without the E numbers.

Revolutionize Your Bakery Production with Cost-Saving, Clean-Label Emulsifiers

As a food technologist, you know that crafting exceptional bakery products isn’t just about art and science—it’s also about managing costs. We’re here to introduce you to a game-changing solution that not only elevates the quality of your muffins, cakes, and bread but also reduces costs by as much as 40%. Discover how our clean-label emulsifier can replace a significant portion of eggs while retaining the benefits of improved yield, textures, colors, and nutritional profiles.

The Clean-Label Emulsifier Revolution: Clean-label emulsifiers are your secret ingredient for creating bakery products that are not only healthier but also cost-effective. They replace up to 40% of eggs while preserving the quality you strive for. Unlike traditional additives, they are free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors, making your baked goods clean and transparent.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Clean-Label Emulsifiers:

Global Export Potential: Clean-label ingredients are the key to unlocking international markets. By adhering to European and global standards for clean and wholesome ingredients, you can export your products with confidence, knowing they meet the demands of health-conscious consumers worldwide.

Healthier Formulations: Clean-label ingredients significantly reduce the use of eggs, fat, E471, and dry gluten in your recipes, resulting in lower-cholesterol, lower-calorie, and better-for-you products that resonate with health-conscious consumers on a global scale.

Cost Reduction: The clean-label emulsifier can reduce your production costs by as much as 40% by replacing a significant portion of eggs, making your bakery business more sustainable and profitable.

Improved Quality: Enjoy the benefits of improved yield, textures, and colors in your muffins, cakes, and bread products. Our emulsifiers are designed to enhance your recipes, ensuring that your baked goods are of the highest quality.

Clean and Natural: Our clean-label emulsifiers are sourced from natural components, ensuring that your bakery products are made with clean, trusted ingredients. This resonates with health-conscious consumers and meets global preferences for sustainability and transparency.

Your Path to Global Exports

Our clean-label emulsifier is your key to crafting bakery products with reduced costs and enhanced quality. Whether you’re creating muffins that stay moist and flavorful, cakes that are visually stunning, or bread with a consistent texture, our emulsifier helps you achieve all of this while keeping expenses in check.

Singapore and Malaysia are jumping into the clean-label ingredient wagon, and it’s the perfect launchpad for your global aspirations. As a food technologist, you can leverage these ingredients to craft cake and bread products that not only meet European standards but exceed them, setting the stage for export to the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can this clean-label emulsifier be used in vegan confectioneries?

A: Absolutely! Our clean-label emulsifiers are versatile and suitable for vegan confectioneries. They provide essential emulsification properties without the need for animal-derived ingredients. You can create delightful vegan treats that are just as delicious and satisfying.

Q2: Can your clean-label emulsifier replace eggs completely?

A: Certainly, our European-tech, clean-label emulsifiers are able to replace eggs completely in some recipes, but not all. The extent to which you can replace eggs depends on the specific application and the desired outcome. However, they can significantly reduce the reliance on eggs and still achieve excellent results.

Q3: Can I omit using bread improver when using your clean-label emulsifier?

A: Clean-label emulsifiers are designed to improve the texture and quality of baked goods, and can replace the functions of a bread improver, especially in specific bread recipes.

Q4: Does your clean-label emulsifier help to improve yield and textures?

A: Yes, our clean-label emulsifiers from Europe are known for their ability to enhance the yield and textures of bakery and confectionery products. They improve dough handling, increase volume, and create a smoother, more consistent texture. The result is better-quality baked goods that delight your customers.

Q5: Does it improve shelf life?

A: Our unique clean-label emulsifiers can contribute to extending the shelf life of certain bakery products by enhancing their overall quality. While they are not a direct replacement for preservatives, they can help maintain the freshness of your goods for a longer period, allowing you to meet customer demands for longer shelf life without compromising on taste and quality.

If you have any specific questions or need further information regarding the use of our clean-label emulsifiers in your bakery or confectionery products, please feel free to reach out to our team. We’re here to assist you in achieving the best results with clean, natural ingredients.

THIS will be the solution to your healthier labelling concerns.

Alex, Food Tech from Singapore

Ready to Revolutionize Your Bakery Business?

If you’re a food technologist looking to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of your bakery products, our clean-label emulsifier is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today to explore how our emulsifier can enhance your recipes, lower costs, and meet the demands of health-conscious consumers on a global scale.

I like this product for my R&D work, I feel it improves the texture of my baked items and gives the dough an enhanced workability.

Food Tech, Malaysia Confectionery Factory


  • Unifit VE-Max replaces 50% to 100% of eggs and fat
  • Unifit VE-Max replaces E471 as well as dry gluten
  • The crumb is more delicate
  • The volume is increased
  • The feeling of freshness is extended
  • Shorter proofing time
  • Improves taste, softness, moisture and bite
  • Suits your customers’ demands for healthier ingredients and clean labels.

Recommended dosage:

2.5% in buns to 8.6% in muffins to replace eggs totally.


Ambient temperature.

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