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Vegan Eggs Texturizer Blends

🌱🍳 Discover BDF VeggActive: The Ultimate Vegan Scrambled Egg Alternative 🌱🍳

Make your vegan eggs taste like traditional eggs with our texturizer blends

Are you on a quest to find the perfect vegan scrambled egg that replicates the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of traditional eggs?

Let’s dive into the complexities of Vegan Egg Formulation:

1️⃣ Texture Matters: Achieving the creamy, fluffy texture of scrambled eggs is no easy feat. Eggs possess unique structural properties, making them a tough benchmark to mimic. Creating a plant-based alternative that delivers the same mouthfeel is a meticulous process, often involving a delicate balance of ingredients and cooking techniques.

2️⃣ Eggceptional Taste: Eggs boast a distinct taste profile that has been ingrained in our culinary traditions for centuries. Capturing that umami-rich, subtly savory flavor without any animal-derived ingredients requires extensive experimentation and innovation. It’s a fine dance of finding the right combination of ingredients, seasonings, and natural flavors to recreate that familiar taste.

3️⃣ Nutritional Balance: Eggs are a nutrient powerhouse, providing essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Crafting a vegan scrambled egg that not only mimics the taste and texture but also offers a comparable nutritional profile adds an extra layer of complexity. Striking the perfect balance to meet dietary needs while remaining free from cholesterol and animal products is a multifaceted puzzle.

4️⃣ Allergen-Free Challenge: Developing a vegan scrambled egg that is not only delicious but also free from common allergens like soy, gluten, and nuts presents an additional obstacle. Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in plant-based alternatives is a paramount consideration, demanding meticulous ingredient selection and thoughtful formulation.

Introducing BDF VeggActive mix, specifically crafted to revolutionize your plant-based egg formulation. 🚀

The key to our extraordinary product lies in our

Meticulously selected protein source: pea and fava bean proteins. These legumes have been chosen for their exceptional characteristics, making them ideal for creating a sensational vegan scrambled egg alternative. Not only do they offer a rich history of human consumption, but they are also highly sustainable crops that can be cultivated in various climate zones.

Pea protein isolate, a primary component of BDF VeggActive, stands out as an incredibly digestible protein source. Packed with essential amino acids and boasting a PDCAAS estimation of 93%, it provides superior nutritional value. On the other hand, fava bean protein, with its abundance of amino acids, particularly lysine and threonine, offers an estimated PDCAAS of 61%. It also contributes to the product’s dietary fiber content.

Fat Source customization: To ensure an exceptional taste and cooking experience, BDF VeggActive incorporates sunflower seed oil as its fat source. However, we understand that different manufacturers have varying preferences and product availability. Therefore, the choice of oil can be customized, allowing the use of vegetable oils such as rapeseed or soybean. Olive oil, either as the sole or partial fat source, is also an option, offering potential health benefits. For optimal stability, we recommend high oleic sunflower oil, which is less prone to oxidation.

Proven finished product with commercially available flavours and colours. The finished product exhibits a viscous, pourable consistency that scrambles beautifully during pan-frying, mimicking the texture of commercially available plant-based egg scrambles.

Easily customizable to meet specific dietary needs: Fortification with essential nutrients such as vitamins and essential amino acids can be effortlessly achieved, ensuring a well-rounded, nourishing vegan scrambled egg experience.

Reach out to us to learn more about BDF VeggActive and how it can transform your plant-based creations. Together, let’s redefine the boundaries of delicious, cruelty-free cuisine. 🌱🍳

BDF VeggActive® Advantages:

  • Created to be manufactured using UHT equipment
  • Tested with commercially available food colours and flavours with great results
  • Finished product has viscous, pourable consistency
  • Can be used with manufacturer’s choice of oil
  • Nutritional profile mimics that of eggs

Recommended product:  BDF VeggActive

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