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Surimi Seafood Products

Keeping That Chewiness in your Fishballs and Crabmeat sticks After Freezing

Are Your Surimi Products Springy and Chewy?

Surimi products are an important source of protein easily accepted by young children who are picky eaters. Frozen surimi fish and seafood balls are convenient and do not require intensive preparation skills to make a dish.

Crabmeat sticks, scallops, seafood pastes and fishballs are loved for their textures. Compare different brands and you will find that some are denser and less bouncy than others.

You want to make your frozen fish pastes feel like they weren’t frozen, just chilled.

Extreme variation of freeze-thaw temperatures denatures the fish meat protein and disturbs the water activity. The fishcakes or round balls shrink smaller in size as their micro components start to denature. Water seeps out and the texture becomes less springy.

BDF Probind Transglutaminase (TG) Blends help to

Improve water holding capacity

Protect chewy textures and elasticity

Helps to incorporate of mechanically deboned fish (MDF)

In surimi pastes that are frozen and undergo several freeze-thaw temperature variations, stabilizers in the paste formula are key to maintaining the light and springy chewiness in the products.

BDF Natural TG blends allow food technologists to use less proteins for protection of elasticity and firmness of their fish surimi products.

Looking for a Texturizer that can bind large amounts of WATER to your Structured Fish?

BDF Binders area able to exactly just that. Using BDF alginate-based Binders, you can look forward to converting worthless cuts or fats to high- value and standardized portions of seafood or structured fish. Not only are the binders cost-effective, they can increase your productivity too.

Ryoto sugar esters in amounts as minute as 0.3% can increase gel strength to improve the springy textures of the surimi products.  The water holding capacity is increased, helping to maintain volume and stabilizing the gel paste over several freeze-thaw cycles.

In most surimi formulas, a small percentage of starch is added as a texturizer. Ryoto Sugar Esters prevent starch ageing, reducing hardening effects. It is commonly used in Japan to prolong the quality textures over the entire shelflife.

Suitability for Vegan “surimi” paste products

Plant-based “surimi” paste products are generally compared to their conventional surimi textures. Due to their totally different nature, food technologists have difficulty coming up with a formula that can taste the same.

Being entirely plant-sourced, Ryoto Sugar Esters can be used in vegan surimi products to improve the strength and firmness of chewing textures.  Rather than being mashy and soft, using Ryoto Sugar Esters in your formula can help you to close the gaps in achieving similar bouncy light textures to that of fish balls.

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