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Bread, White Loafs, Sweet Buns

The 1% Touch – Softer and Bigger for Longer

No dryness, no crumbling, no shrinking.

Sucrose esters fatty acids help you keep your breads softer and bigger for longer.

This means better productivity and reduced wastage.

Ryoto Sugar Esters from Mitusbishi Chemical Corporation are emulsifiers with wide-ranging effects on dough characteristics.

At each stage of production, they exert different benefits to drive bigger advantages to the end products.

During the mixing process, Ryoto Sugar Esters improve

  • Wettability
  • Distribution of shortening
  • Interaction with lipids
  • Interaction with starch
Dough Benefits Of Ryoto Sugar Esters

During the fermentation process, Ryoto Sugar Esters improve

  • Interaction of proteins within the dough batter
Fermentation Benefits of Ryoto Sugar Esters

During the baking process, Ryoto Sugar Esters improve

  • Interaction with proteins
  • Emulsifier-starch complex formation
Baking Process Benefits of Ryoto Sugar Esters

During the storage process, Ryoto Sugar Esters improve

  • Emulsifier-starch complex formation
Storage Benefits Of Ryoto Sugar Esters

√ Firmness √ Cohesiveness √ Softness √ Moistness √ Chewiness

Choose your desired profile. Make your sweet bun stand out!

Depending on the fat levels used in the bread recipes, different types of Ryoto Sugar Esters are needed to exert different effects.

High HLB values of Ryoto Sugar Esters contribute to increased volume and softness.

Medium HLB values of Ryoto Sugar Esters work better on sensory factors like textures and mouthfeel.

Production Ready to Scale Up with Frozen Dough?

You are right to worry about freeze-thaw stability. This is where Ryoto Sugar Esters make a big difference.

Ryoto Sugar Esters improved the baking and rheological properties of frozen dough and decreased yeast damage by increasing the amount of non-frozen water in the wheat starch, which acts as a cryoprotectant for yeast cells.

Prevent early staling and achieve longer shelf-life.
Source: International Food Research Journal 20(2): 593-599 (2013)

Ryoto Sugar Esters provide:

♦ Higher water absorption by dough (yield increase)

♦ Bigger volume of bread

♦ Good crumb texture

♦ Softness retention for long storage

♦ Improved freeze-thaw stability

Frozen steamed paus (buns) – cracked or not?

Prevent Cracking of Dough in Frozen Steamed Buns with Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters

Chances are most frozen paus and dim sum products that are packaged for supermarkets crack during the freezing process. How do you improve your quality control?

Do your customers fuss about the sweet pastes that overfills from the steamed buns which make it difficult to hold and bite?

Solve your pau skin cracking problems with Ryoto Sugar Esters (Sucrose Esters Fatty Acids).

Review of the Benefits of Ryoto Ester SP in Steamed Chinese Bun Pau Factory

Low fat, multi-grain, low sugar

Health Promotion Board in Singapore and Malaysia offer incentives to manufacturers to cut down on oils, fats and sugars.

With less oil, reduced eggs and sugars, how can you maintain the flavour to be as savoury as before?

You can achieve this with a high quality emulsifier like Ryoto Sugar Esters. Fats are the main reason for that satisfying effect. Having sugar esters in the formula can replace the fat content by forming more efficient micro oil-in-water droplets that achieve the similar mouthfeel as their fattier counterparts.

You can try reduced cholesterol recipes by reducing eggs.

Let Ryoto Sugar Esters up the performance of your eggs to give off the same fragrance.

Sugar in a recipe works as a softener, reducing the amount of sugar will affect the fluffiness and softness of the bread. In this instance, your dough will need an efficient emulsifier to increase the spread of the sugar molecules within the gluten matrix.

Boost Other Stabilizers as Less Becomes More

Sucrose esters are unique in the way that they can boost other emulsifiers and improve the air bubble structure, prevent proteins from browning, keep starches from early staling, prevent fat bloom in chocolate coatings, and decelerate crystallization in fine-grained sugar confection. Ryoto™ Sugar Esters are able to prevent the syneresis of starches of frozen pies upon thawing. Sucrose fatty acid esters help to retard sugar crystal growths in icings, frostings, glazing, and toppings that contain high proportions of sugars. It is a useful stabilizer as it can retain water and retards the drying out of baked goods.

A proper mix of additives always tends to form more stable mixtures as compared to the use of a single emulsifier or stabilizer, and achieves higher functionality as compared to a single additive. Choosing the right mixture of emulsifiers and stabilizers is crucial to ensure a smooth surface, a creamy texture, and full water retention for end products.

Looking for a Clean Label Emulsifier for your Brioche or Burger Bun?

Introducing Unifit VE-Max: A Game-Changer for Crafting Perfect Brioche Burger Buns

For food technologists specializing in the art of crafting the perfect brioche burger bun, Unifit VE-Max emerges as an invaluable tool to meet the unique formulation needs of this cherished bakery product. Developed with cutting-edge European technology, this advanced baking emulsifier offers a specialized solution that not only enhances the quality of your brioche burger buns but also simplifies the intricate process of their creation.

🍔 Tailored Formulation for Burger Buns and Brioche Bakery Products 🍔

Brioche burger buns are a class of their own, celebrated for their soft, buttery, and slightly sweet characteristics. Achieving the ideal texture and flavor requires a careful balance of ingredients and techniques. This is where Unifit VE-Max steps in, addressing the distinct formulation challenges that set burger buns and brioche bakery products apart.

🥚 Egg-Free Solution with Original Recipe Quality 🥚

Unifit VE-Max offers the capability to replace 50-100% of eggs without compromising on the delightful, brioche-like qualities that define these burger buns. It preserves the authenticity of your original recipes, ensuring that your buns remain moist, tender, and rich in flavor.

🌟 Benefits for Crafting Brioche Burger Buns 🌟

🔹 Crisp Texture Control

Unifit VE-Max enables food technologists to fine-tune the crisp texture of brioche burger buns, ensuring they possess the perfect balance of a crunchy crust and a soft, buttery crumb.

🔹 Enhanced Volume

The unique formulation needs of burger buns demand that they rise beautifully, resulting in an attractive, billowy appearance. Unifit VE-Max plays a crucial role in boosting the volume of your buns, creating a visually appealing product that leaves a lasting impression.

🔹 Prolonged Freshness

In the world of burger buns, freshness is key. Unifit VE-Max‘s formulation advantages extend the shelf life of your brioche products, guaranteeing that they stay fresh and delicious for an extended period, an essential attribute for both artisan and commercial bakers.

🔹 Streamlined Proofing

The distinctive proofing requirements of brioche burger buns can be intricate and time-consuming. With Unifit VE-Max, you can significantly reduce proofing time while retaining the quality of your products, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Unifit VE-Max, hailing from the forefront of European technology, is the ally you need to craft the perfect brioche burger buns. It caters to the precise demands of these bakery masterpieces, enhancing their quality, efficiency, and overall appeal.

Elevate your brioche burger bun formulations to new heights with Unifit VE-Max and ensure that each bite delivers the exquisite experience that burger enthusiasts crave.

Achieve bakery perfection, one burger bun at a time, with Unifit VE-Max.

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