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Ryoto Ester SP Baking Emulsifier

Put 2%, Bake It Big.

Ready-to-use Aerator Gel to increase whippability, volume, softness, batter stability, frosting cream stability and much more.

With most cake emulsifiers, you see a different result each time you bake.

Most of the emulsifiers are not able to stop your cake from crumbling the next day, and much less able to keep your breads soft and spongey at 3 days.

Your gluten free breads come out dense and small.

Pizza bread, tough like mad.

What you want from your baking emulsifier is not that much:

  • To see the same size that stays high for 7 days
  • To taste the fragrant freshness after chilling or freezing
  • To keep the beautiful design in your icing with no cracks at 3 days

You want to know that your customer gets to taste the same flavour as you did when the breads were just done. After all, it is easier to create a new bakery range when you know that quality control is in your hands.  Nothing new will stop your regular fans from your bakery.

The Ryoto Difference

Used worldwide, over 50 years, we think you can TRUST your baker peers to have made their best choice in Ryoto Ester SP.

Despite all the buzz of other SP brands out there.

There’s a reason why bakers fall in love with Ryoto Ester SP.

No other SP brands can replicate the secret ingredient that is inside Ryoto Ester SP as only Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation can produce this technologically demanding emulsifier in her proprietary facilities.

Ryoto Sugar Ester is an industrial-power emulsifier unique ingredient in Ryoto Ester SP formula which enables this baking gel to have dual-mode of capabilities:

Maintaining excellent SP gel performance throughout its shelf life

The unique Ryoto Sugar Esters protect the alpha phase of the other common emulsifying ingredients from changing and losing their foamability function.

This means the QUALITY PERFORMANCE of your Ryoto Ester SP aerator gel is kept consistently higher than other brands over the months’ usage.

In simple terms, your stability of aeration in your bake from using Ryoto Ester SP will be achieved at the same dose, every bake.

Adding power to the SP benefits with Ryoto Sugar Ester.

This gives your Ryoto Ester SP more value for its buck – you get higher aeration, higher volume, more uniform foam, the right softness, higher productivity, higher profits……the list goes on. (You get the idea!)

Not only local home kitchens, cake factories, but international biscuit brands have been continuously baking with our research-proven Japanese emulsifier.

Gluten Free Cakes and Breads

Making gluten-free, low sugar or no-sugar-added bakes do not mean you have to make do with harder-to-chew, dense bread anymore. Ryoto Ester SP can double your gluten-free bread volume with more uniform, smaller air pockets in the dough. Your bread will have some elasticity and you will feel like you are eating “regular” bread for once!

Most gluten free bakers won’t bake without it the moment they try this plant-based emulsifier gel.

Pizza and Bread dough

Looking for that extra bite, or chewiness of pizza dough you find from Italian bakeries? Adding just 1% of Ryoto Ester SP can level out the tiny air bubbles to a consistent size. What you get is consistency, and a chewy yet spongy base to wrap your butter or jam. No more big holes for the fillings to leak though!

I was surprised by what the addition of a very small amount of Ryoto Ester SP would do. Great product. Unbelievably impressed. I can’t wait to try it in loaf bread.

Cinnamon Rolls

Give your rolls that distinctive chewiness with Ryoto Ester SP. Couple that with a voluminous pillowy bite, you can ensure your fillings of chocolate or glaze gets highlighted well enough!

You will find the kitchen neater with easier-to-knead dough, faster mixing – from start to finish in under two hours! Fresh bread can become a nightly affair.

Colorful Batter, Cream Frosting and Icing

  1. What is most critical in the cake decorating process?

Ans: Floor time. Any baker who has to use more than one color batter or cream will appreciate Ryoto Ester SP for adding more floor time to his decorating work.

2. What is more critical in a designer cake than the design?

Ans: Icing that doesn’t crack in the refrigerator! Cute designs, intricate flower shapes or colorful wishes all need to stay smooth till the day they meet their party guests! Most creams or sugary icing become gritty and rough as they lose moisture in cold temperatures.

Make your designs stay beautiful for the big show.

I wouldn’t use any other for my frosting needs. Thank you for being consistent.

I am an R&D Chef in a chain bakery. Will this help me?

Time is most precious in a commercial bakery laboratory. Ryoto Ester SP gives you the time you need by

  • Reducing mixing time by 20%
  • Improving the productivity yield of volume and consistency in any recipe
  • Maintaining quality of your new creation by maintaining its mouthfeel, textures and color even in the blast freezers
  • Allows you longer floor time by making batter that keeps over days (in the chiller)!

I like this product for my R&D work, I feel it improves the texture of my baked items and gives the dough an enhanced workability.

I am a newbie at baking.

Does this make a difference?

Easy recipes for beginners will not help much if you are new to baking! But this magic emulsifier gel will! You will see even rise, consistent air bubbles in your fragrant soft sweet bun. Ryoto Ester SP makes all-in method possible; you can avoid the pains of step-by-step mixing. Don’t worry, you can take your time thinking and preparing because your batter will hold up well for the day, and so will your icing!

Great for cooking and baking. Very easy to use.

Ryoto Ester SP Emulsifier (Ready to use)

Ryoto Ester SP emulsifier (Ready To Use)

  • 100g/ 5kg/15kg Sizes
  • Halal- certified
  • Appearance: Slight transparent, off-white gel
  • Used in export products
  • Ingredients: Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids, Mono and Di-glycerides, Sorbitan Monostearate, D-sorbitol


  1. Bakers are able to mix all ingredients together (except oil/margarine)
  2. Produce bigger volume of cake with even and smooth pores
  3. Cakes and Bread are able to stay soft for 3-5 days
  4. Stabilize cake batter, bread dough 2-3 hours before baking/steaming
  5. Reduce the use of eggs

Direction of use:

  1. Mix directly into dough (for all kinds of methods)
  2. Used for cake, bread, pastry and biscuits

Recommended dosage:

2-3% of total flour, egg and sugar


room temperature

Recipes Using Ryoto Ester SP:

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