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Food Natural Emulsifiers & Texturizers

Create more sustainable food products with our emulsifier & texturizer solutions even if you do not add preservatives in your formula.

You may have tried using soy lecithin or sodium steroyl lactylate (SSL) as a stabilizer in your R&D process…

Only to find that your sauce or creamy filling separates out before you even have time to send it for bacterial culture!

It is not your fault; you just have not experienced the king of all emulsifiers – Ryoto Sugar Esters from Japan.

Not only are they renowned for being the top in emulsifying action, Ryoto Sugar Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is the brand that stands longest and is most used worldwide since 1960s.

Did You Know About This Group of High Grade Quality Emulsifiers- Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids?

You’d probably know that monoglycerides, ammonium phosphatide, soy lecithin or even eggs possess emulsifying properties.  However, are they efficient enough for your stability needs?

Most confectionery food contain eggs, like cakes and breads.  Yet, you will find that eggs by themselves are not easy to use for their emulsifying properties and their products breaks apart in as quickly as one day even in chilled temperatures of 4 degrees celsius!

Yes, amongst emulsifiers are different levels and variations in effects. One of the parameters that determine their functionality is HLB values. Most common emulsifiers like the mono-diglycerides or propylene glycol fatty acid esters (PPG) have narrow range of HLB values (For eg. PPG Fatty Acid Esters HLB value ranges from 2-3)

Think of it this way, if your products’ mix of oil and water spread across 20 different types, you can only find emulsifiers that work efficiently for the few that falls within their corresponding range.

It is like trying to use a large screwdriver to drive in a small nail, simply impossible.


You have a power tool that has specialised action across the entire range of HLB values, 1-16.

Texturizer binder for meat, sausages, yoghurts, cheeses

Next up, Natural Texturizers is just as important, if not more…

Food texture plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality and sensory experience of a food product. It affects not only the taste, but also the appearance, mouthfeel, and even the shelf life of a food product.

As such, you need to carefully select the best natural food texturizers for your new product development to achieve the desired texture and optimize the product’s overall quality.

Transglutaminase (TG) additives are often used as texturizers in recipes because they can improve the texture and consistency of food products in ways that are difficult to achieve with traditional ingredients.

At Halim Biotech, our specially curated range of TG blended formula from BDF Natural Ingredients are considered superior texturizers by large-scale manufacturers all over world BECAUSE

1. Versatility: BDF TG enzymes can be used to modify a wide variety of proteins, which makes them versatile texturizers. They can be used to improve the texture of meat, fish, poultry, dairy, and plant-based proteins, among other things.

2. Texture Control: Other sources of TG enzymes have been used by food technologists, but not all are able to create the range of textures to the level needed.  BDF Natural TG blends like Probind, are able to achieve different nuances of textures from soft and tender to firm and chewy. They have proven to solve many texture gaps that other TG enzyme sources did not.  As such, BDF blended formulas are useful in a wide variety of applications, such as improving the texture of meat substitutes or creating new types of dairy products.

3. Reduced waste: BDF Natural Blended TG enzymes can help to reduce waste in food production by improving the texture of less desirable cuts of meat or by reducing the amount of fat or other ingredients needed in a recipe.

4. Improved yield: BDF Natural can improve the yield of food products by binding together small pieces of meat or other ingredients into larger, more cohesive units.

5. Enhanced quality: BDF Natural Ingredients have more than 5 active blends of Transglutaminase-based formulations to enhance the quality of different food products by improving their texture, appearance, and flavor according to each product characteristic. 

Are you looking for better and more cost-effective transglutaminase enzyme additives?

Send us a message to try out BDF Natural blended TG enzymes.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

The Power Toolkit For Any Food Technologist

Ryoto Sugar Esters – the tried and tested brand that serves as a functional surfactant, stabilizer and emulsifier power food ingredient for all food products to pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses.

In the world of sucrose fatty acid esters, Ryoto Sugar Esters are the leading brand from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation used globally and locally.

A small addition of Ryoto Sugar Esters can improve your products’ flavour, textures, mouthfeel and shelf life.  Increasing consistent stability means your export expansion plans are a matter of action.

When your mouthfeel and bite can’t satisfy your clients’ dreams, the best winning move would be to incorporate BDF Natural TG enzyme-based Blends. The highly innovative and advanced research range from BDF Natural Ingredients in Europe are now being used by global brands all over the world, churning out large-scale quality foods whilst reducing overall costs of production.

No wonder all food technologists refer to these emulsifiers and texturizers from Halim Biotech as the POWER TOOLKIT.

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters Functionality mindmap

You Can Quickly Reach Your Formulation Desires Across All Food Types

Ryoto Sugar Esters enable you to formulate a shelf product with consistent, stable quality. Whether your company develops products from dried to frozen foods, desserts, sauces to meat patties; from low sugar, low fat, low cholesterol, no coloring, no artificial flavouring, no preservatives to natural vegan products, sucrose esters of fatty acids from Ryoto Sugar Esters will help you achieve your formulation goals.

For the right textures and a recipe with reduced use of other gums and stabilizers, BDF Natural Transglutaminase blended formulations will bring your product formula to the best in terms of cost, textures and new possibilities in product creations.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

Ryoto™ Sugar Esters range are used in many industries from personal care lotions, toothpastes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical grade tablets and syrups, to food industries including bakery confectionery, frozen food, meat batters and plant-based meat, retort foods, dessert creams, puddings, milk beverages like milk tea, milk coffee and packaged pastes and jar sauces.

Baking Aerator SP gel Mitsubishi

Ryoto™ Ester SP is a ready-to-use baking aerator gel specially formulated to include high-quality Ryoto™ sugar ester for food applications. It has been used since the 1960s to improve bread texture, increase the efficiency of food production by reducing mixing time, retaining moisture in chilled foods, curry gravies, and fried foods.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

BDF PROBIND® series products are functional formulations based on the Transglutaminase enzyme in order to improve the properties of final products. 

This range is used in many types of food applications from meats, surimis, seafood processed products, structured meats to vegan meat, emulsified vegan products, nuggets, fish fingers and dessert yoghurt creams and puddings.

Baking Aerator SP gel Mitsubishi

BDF Binder™ series are functional formulations based on alginates and calcium.

Alginate is one of the most versatile biopolymers to be found in nature. It is extracted from the cell walls of brown seaweed. It is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The BINDER series are designed to improve texture and overall appearance of meat and fish, as well as other food products, such as vegetables and fruit etc.

Industrial Application of Ryoto Sugar Esters, and BDF Natural Texturizers

Cakes, Breads, Steamed Paus & Kuihs, Frozen Food, Sauces Pastes, Meat Patties, Surimi, Ice Cream, Chocolates, Fried Batter

Cakes Cookies Confectionery

Cakes & Cookies

Cakes Cookies Confectionery

Creams & Ganache

Cakes Cookies Confectionery


Cakes Cookies Confectionery

Meat, Plant Patties

Cakes Cookies Confectionery


Cakes Cookies Confectionery


Ice Cream

Breads Loafs Buns

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Traditional Kuihs

Ice Cream

Sauces and Pastes

Food Innovation Solution

Fish Seafood Surimi

How does It work?


We are all ears on the formulation issues you are facing. You tell us what was far from ideal in textures, visual presentation or mouthfeel, including the methods you are using.

This springs us into action. We do our detective work and share with you relevant application notes that we have from our direct principal source. Next, we look back on our local experiences to check back on similar situations encountered.  We discuss with you the various options we have narrowed down so that you can understand the process to working out a feasible solution for your formula.

“Frozen meals are new to our portfolio, and we needed them taste like they are freshly cooked after months on the shelves.”

Chef Tan, R&D Head Singapore


Once you agree to test out our suggested grades of emulsifiers, we will start the action rolling. In the next 7-10 business days, you will receive the samples with clear instructions on how to use them.

The next step is crucial to your formulation success! Testing time!

Most R&D food technicians accept that research is not a one-test event. A sustainable formula fulfilling desired profiles need time and dedication to craft out.

Don’t worry, it will not be that much of a struggle. What you have received from us will likely be one of the most powerful arsenals in your laboratory. You will get there in a much shorter time than with other types of stabilizers!

That’s why your feedback at this point is extremely key. We are your ready helpline to work out the exact tweaks you need in the grades and doses. Or it could be a use of an alternate carrier.

“The samples arrived almost instantly after our discussion. The Halim Biotech team was most detailed in their analysis of our texture profile requirements.”

Natalie, Food Technologist Malaysia


You have worked out your perfect formula. Now, we work in full speed with your procurement, regulatory and business team to iron out documentation requirements for market implementation.

We let you know our working timelines and communicate across your team involved in this project to make sure your factory inventory is organized just in time. All the time.

“The service support of Halim Biotech team is so amazing that it is heartwarming! They work like they are part of us, anticipating our needs before we even open our mouths.”

Eng Gee, R&D Team


Feel like trying some samples?

Talk to our team today for a quick glimpse on how your food formulation issues can be resolved. If your production is in Singapore and Malaysia, you can be confident we will see through your entire R&D process from formulation to production!