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Fat Bloom Risks: When Lecithin IS NOT Enough

When Lecithin fails to control fat blooms, we know you need a more powerful plant-based emulsifier – Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters.

Fat bloom is an indicator of shelf-life and preventing blooms are integral to producing quality chocolates.

Chocolate Application technologists know that fat blooms occur when the polymorphic crystal best β  form of cocoa butter transit to a bloom β form.

The formation of fat blooms may be accelerated in chocolates with fillings and nougats.

Understanding Cocoa Butter science to discover the reason behind Ryoto Sugar Ester’s fat bloom reduction success.

The reason for the preferential benefit of Ryoto Sugar Esters on chocolate fat boom boils down to their likeness in composition to cocoa butter’s fatty acids.

Cocoa Butter is made of triglycerides derived from palmitic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid.

Like stealth technology, Ryoto Sugar Esters have specially targeted grades comprising of all three cocoa butter substitutes in almost identical proportions, explaining the much higher efficacy in preventing fat bloom compared to other emulsifiers.

Certain grades of Ryoto Sugar Esters are specially designed with structures to “look” like cocoa butter, making their emulsifying power amplified, with the cocoa butter’s fatty acids inhibited from moving and transiting to the bloom form.

Ryoto Sugar Esters – the cream of the crop of emulsifiers for all bakery fats and oils application specialists

Key features

Controls sugar coarsening

Controls fat bloom and sugar crystallization

Lowers viscosity with good yield

Possibility to reduce cocoa butter content without changing rheological properties

Tasteless and odourless

Suppress thickening of coating chocolate

Halal certified

Key benefits

Improves mouthfeel

Impact on quality shelf-life and maintains flavour

Workability, decoration, and coating properties of the enrober chocolate are improved.

Enable savings of raw ingredients and stabilize production costs in fluctuating prices of ingredients

Easy to incorporate into formula without affecting product taste

Improve chocolate or coating smoothness

Suitable for halal requirements

How Ryoto Sugar Esters Act on Cocoa Butter in Chocolates

Inhibit crystal nucleus formation

Inhibit crystal growth

Inhibit polymorphic transition of V to VI form

How about Fat Blooms In Chocolates Compounds (CBS, CBE, CBR) and Confectionery (Coatings)?

Compound chocolates are made of different types of fatty acid compositions from different plant oil components.

Their fat bloom risks can be reduced by using relevant grades of Ryoto Sugar Esters suited to the compound chocolates.

For lauric butter CBS chocolates, sucrose esters with lauric fatty acids are targeted towards improving their plasticity, fluidity, mouthfeel and preventing fat blooms.

Maintaining that smooth and polished look in your chocolates

Stabilizing fat and oils migration will improve shelf quality, and your consumers will not be exposed to fat bloom whitish patches of chocolates.

With Ryoto Sugar Esters preventing the movement of fats with lower melting points from migrating to the surface of the chocolates, your clients’ confectionery products will maintain their smooth, polished surfaces for a long time.

Ryoto Sugar Esters Lowers Viscosity & Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

For white chocolates, mid-range HLB Ryoto Sugar Esters can maintain smoothness by reducing viscosity.

If moisture in any form comes into contact with the chocolate, Ryoto Sugar Esters will prevent it from seizing or thickening. Once hardened, the chocolate becomes useless for tempering and chocolate work. 

Preventing fat blooms also improves flavour release and creating that harmonious, intense, long-lasting chocolatey taste.

Another major wish list for chocolate or compound specialists is to improve flavour release in the mouth.

Ryoto Sugar Esters enables even distribution of the cocoa butter fats in which flavours are released rapidly when coated in the mouth.

Ryoto Sugar Esters

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan

Creating Sugar-Free Chocolates: A Sweet Challenge

Imagine biting into a luscious piece of chocolate without the guilt of excess sugar. The trend of sugar-free chocolates is not merely a fad but a culinary revolution, and you, as a food technologist, play a pivotal role in this delectable transformation.

The Art of Sweetener Replacement

Crafting sugar-free chocolates is an art that comes with its own unique set of challenges. Sweeteners play a crucial role in chocolates, affecting their texture, taste, and overall quality. Here are the key challenges you’ll face:

  • Texture Magic: Sugar not only sweetens chocolate but also contributes to its mouthfeel and structure. Without it, chocolates can become grainy or overly hard. You’ll need to master the art of achieving the perfect texture.
  • Flavor Harmony: Sugar enhances the overall flavor profile of chocolate. Removing it can result in chocolates that taste flat or overly artificial. Your expertise is required to identify the ideal sweetener replacements that maintain the delicious taste.
  • Melting Point Mastery: Sugar affects the melting point of chocolates, preventing them from turning into a gooey mess. Finding sweetener alternatives to maintain the chocolate’s smooth and consistent texture is a critical challenge.

The Role of Sweetener Replacements

Enter the world of sweetener replacements, your allies in the quest for sugar-free chocolates:

  • Natural Sweetness: Sweetener replacements, such as stevia, erythritol, or monk fruit, offer a natural sweetness that can rival sugar, without the excess calories and blood sugar spikes. They allow you to maintain the sweetness we all adore.
  • Calorie Consciousness: For those mindful of their calorie intake, sweetener replacements provide the perfect solution. They deliver sweetness without the extra baggage of empty calories.
  • Clean Label: Sweetener replacements align with the clean label movement, providing a natural, transparent alternative that modern consumers crave.
  • Stability Assurance: These sweeteners play a role in maintaining the stability and consistency of your chocolates, ensuring they remain delectable over time.

Elevate Your Chocolate Formulations

As a food technologist, you are on the forefront of the sugar-free chocolate revolution. Embrace the challenges and harness the potential of sweetener replacements to create chocolates that delight the health-conscious, the calorie-conscious, and the chocolate lovers alike. Your expertise and innovation will redefine the future of chocolate, one sugar-free bite at a time. Join the movement and discover a world of sweet, guilt-free pleasures.

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