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2024 Top 5 Food and Beverage Ingredient Trends in Asia

If you are reading this, there is a high likelihood you are a fellow food technologist in Singapore, Malaysia or even Indonesia racking your brains to come up with the captivating products for the new year!

Here’s sharing some 2024 trending “feels” from our Halim BIotech specialists:

🍹 1. Nutrient-Rich Artistry: Elevate Visual Appeal with Natural Starches and Fibers: in 2023, we see much more regional interests in formulations that focus on the nutritional profile of their base ingredients. Hence, in 2024, feel free to dive into this intricate world of visually appealing beverages and desserts that not only captivate the consumer’s eye but also boast superior healthier benefits. Explore the potential of natural starches and fibers or even gut-healthy probiotics to craft culinary masterpieces that merge aesthetics with health benefits.

🍦 2. Precision in Texture Replication: Mastering Novel Formulations for Imitating Traditional Favorites: Attention to detail is key! Textures, textures, textures are what makes the new product development (NPD) team go right to the jackpot once your textural notes are hit. As a food technologist, immerse yourself in the challenge of achieving textural accuracy in innovative formulations. From non-dairy, low-fat ice cream to plant-based nuggets, your expertise will play a pivotal role in replicating the texture of traditional counterparts, setting new standards in taste and mouthfeel.

🍯 3. Stevia Formulation Mastery: Navigating the Challenges of Natural Sweeteners: Your skills are needed in the sweetener realm! With the alarming rise of diabetic population in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the whole Asean region, consumers are gravitating towards natural options like stevia, presenting formulation challenges. Become the maestro of sweetness by collaborating with raw material experts to overcome hurdles and create delectable products that meet the demand for healthier, naturally sweetened alternatives.

🌿 4. Clean Labels: Crafting Simplicity with Advanced Formulation: Simplify without compromising! For food technologists, it’s time to redefine clean labels by innovating with fewer additives. Navigate the complexities of stabilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives to create streamlined ingredient lists without sacrificing product quality. Your expertise will shape the future of clean and pure indulgence.

πŸ₯₯ 5. Coconut Innovation Hub: Expanding Product Horizons Beyond Raw Oil: Gear up for the coconut revolution! Indeed, it is no longer and industrial secret. Every so often, we help food technologists perfect their RTD coconut milk beverages’ stability or the coconut ice cream keep tip-top shelf quality. Food technologists in 2024, will explore the versatility of coconut beyond its traditional boundaries. From coconut cooking cream to reduced fats coconut ready-to-drink options and innovative coconut snacks, your skills in new product development will redefine how consumers experience this tropical delight.

🌐✨ Elevate Your Craft in 2024: Embrace the forefront of innovation and lead the charge in crafting groundbreaking products. These trends are not just flavors; they’re opportunities to showcase your mastery in shaping the future of food and beverage development. Join us in this exciting journey of culinary exploration! πŸš€πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

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