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BDF Natural Transglutaminase Texturizers

BDF Probind® series products are functional formulations based on the Transglutaminase enzyme. These proprietary blends are developed in high technological facilities in Europe and researched to improve the properties of final products. 

BDF Natural Ingredients and additives are proudly distributed by Halim Biotech in Singapore and Juhalim Biotech in Malaysia.

Be Surprised by all the functional POWER that BDF TG Binders Possess! Solve Problems that other TG-based Texturizers Have Difficulty With.

Because BDF Natural Ingredients takes pride in its high quality biotech enzyme production facilities, their special blend of Transglutaminase (TG) enzymes can be used to resolve formulation issues that usual texturizers are unable to do.

Improved texture: BDF Probind® series can improve the texture of many food products, such as meat, dairy, and bakery products. This is due to their efficient cross-linking of a huge range of protein molecules, creating a more rigid structure and providing a firmer, more elastic texture.

Binding and adhesion: BDF Probind® series can be used to bind together different food components, such as meat, seafood, or vegetable proteins, improving the overall quality and consistency of the final product. They can also improve adhesion in products such as coatings or batters.

Shelf-life extension: BDF Probind® series can improve the shelf life of food products by reducing microbial growth and oxidation. This is achieved by cross-linking proteins and creating a more stable structure that is less susceptible to degradation.

Fat replacement: BDF Probind® series can be used to replace fat in certain food products, such as sausages or meat-based products, without sacrificing texture or flavor. This is achieved by cross-linking proteins and creating a more stable structure that can hold water and other ingredients, thus mimicking the texture of fat.

Overall, BDF Probind® series are versatile tools that are being used by food technologists in Singapore and Malaysia to address a variety of formulation issues in the food industry, including texture, binding, shelf-life, and fat replacement.

POWER UP Your TG Texturizer or “Meat Glue”

TG (Transglutaminase) enzymes use in in the food industry has more than 20 years of history. Food technologists are more than familiar with the vast differences in quality and consistency that can happen with different TG sources.

Our BDF Transglutaminase Blended Formulation series are produced by top-notch bioactive experts with subject matter experts on technical applications, resulting in Transglutaminase-based formulations tailored to each customer’s needs.

With most other TG additive suppliers, you may never be able to achieve your required textures without experiencing fading in colours or losing their flavours above a certain dose of TG. BDF Probind® series will help you to exceed your clients’ expectations in textures and flavours because of its researched and targeted formulation.

This proprietary formulation even allows you to stream line or reduce the use of other gums, hydrocolloids and additives, helping you to achieve a cleaner and leaner sustainable formula.

Understand the challenges behind enzyme quality production , and you will know why BDF Probind® series are much more superior than other sources of enzyme-based additives.

BDF Natural Ingredients offer an entire range of bioactives from enzymes to proteins, clean label solutions, antioxidants and starter cultures.

BDF Natural Binders: the all-in-one texturizer solution for most industries?

If you are specializing in Meat, Fish, Vegan, Dairy, Bakery, Supplements and Cosmetics, there’s something in BDF that will help you excel in your product development process!

This is because of the rigorous research that is being applied intensively and rapidly, not only from its origins in Europe but in China, Indonesia and now in Singapore and Malaysia.

Due to this extensive experiences from large global scale manufacturers, BDF Natural Ingredients, including Binder series offer a much wider range of functional properties than other basic enzymes additives.

Product NameApplicationBenefits
BDF PROBIND® SBStructured fishAdds value to lower quality products
Smaller scallops can be used to obtain bigger caliber
Can be frozen, sliced, cooked and/or shaped as desired
Doesn’t affect the taste
BDF PROBIND® TXoEmulsified ProductsImproves texture while standardizing the final product
Facilitates the elimination of phosphates and caseinates
Improves meat bite
Enhances the final texture in low sodium products
Helps to reduce final product costs
BDF PROBIND® TXoCooked HamImproves the look and appeal of slices
Reduces slicing losses
Enhances the final texture in low sodium products
Helps eliminate phosphates
BDF PROBIND® TXoDry Fermented SausagesDuring the maturing process, the product gains firmness much more rapidly.
Texture and binding are improved during the primary stages of the curing process.
Reduces slicing losses, improving final product costs.
BDF PROBIND® MB 1.0Structured MeatTransforms meat trimmings into standardized portions with high added value
Once structured, the product can be cooked or frozen without losing shape or texture
Structured Meat – Extra BindingIdeal for chicken binding, specially previously injected chicken
The meat texture remains preserved in its entirety
No heat treatment or freezing are needed for binding
Final products made with BDF PROBIND SB are stable after cooking
It can also be used for Kebab, Fish and Seafood binding
BDF PROBIND® MB 3.0Döner KebabImproves meat texture and binding between meat and fat slices
Facilitates slicing
Minimizes the formation of holes during cooking
Helps to reduce phosphates
Reduces water loss during cooking processes
Allows more meat trimmings to be used (direct cost benefits)
Helps maintain shape in low-quality kebab textures
BDF PROBIND® MB 3.0Meat BallsEnhances a better setting of the gel in low-quality products
Improves texture and elasticity
High performance with soya protein which brings quality benefits in economical meatballs
Improves consistency and bite
Facilitates the reduction of proteins added
BDF PROBIND® TXoSurimiImproves texture and elasticity
Reduces the need for the addition of other proteins to Surimi/Fish balls improving the elasticity and firmness of the product
Facilitates the incorporation of mechanically deboned fish (MDF)
Creates strong bonds between proteins
BDF PROBIND® TXoFish BallsImproves texture and elasticity
Reduces the need for the addition of other proteins to Fish balls improving the elasticity and firmness of the product.
Facilitates the incorporation of mechanically deboned fish (MDF)
Creates strong bonds between proteins
BDF PROBIND® CH 2.0Yoghurt and Fermented MilksIncreases gel strength, facilitating protein meshing
Reduces syneresis. Helps to reduce the addition of solids and stabilizers, such as powdered milk, proteins etc., and reducing final product costs
Increases creaminess, helping to lower cream content
Helps to eliminate gums and gelatin
Increase creaminess and texture in products with low fat content
BDF PROBIND® CH 2.0Cottage / Quark CheeseIncreases final cheese production by up to 20%
Reduces syneresis
Increases and improves texture
Reduces the addition of powdered milk, standardizing and reducing final product costs
BDF PROBIND® TXoBreadImproves bread production when using low protein wheat flour and damaged wheat flour
Improves performance in gluten free flour
Improves the volume and texture of frozen dough
BDF PROBIND® TXoPuff PastryImproves puff pastry manufacture when using low protein wheat flour and damaged wheat flour
Helps to lower fat content in the recipe
Improves the volume and texture of frozen puff pastry
PastaImproves pasta production when usling low protein wheat flour and damaged wheat flour
Improves firmness and elasticity of pasta and noodles products
Helps to mantain the desired texture characteristics over long periods of time
Table of BDF Natural Probind Blends and their applications

Why Choose BDF Probind Transglutaminase Formulations by BDF Natural Ingredients?

As an experienced distributor of highly advanced bioactives in food and feed additives, we are sure of the following:

Not all brands of transglutaminase enzymes have achieved the balance in performance and price like BDF Natural’s.

FOOD ENzymes Technologist at Food Ingredient Asia Conference

Most Comprehensive Range of Transglutaminase enzymes-based researched blends with Targeted Applications

BDF Probind TG blends are customized to specific product type applications, possible only with proprietary high technology heavy innovation. This makes them the most comprehensive range of Tranglutaminase blends in the market with versatility and a diverse range of functions.

Manufactured in World-recognized High Technology Facility in Europe

Europe’s renowned reputation in high-quality bioactive food additives is a result of their demanding technical expertise in biotechnology.

Strong Seamless Distributor Service Dedicated To You in Malaysia and Singapore for more than 30 years

By providing timely delivery, quality control, technical support, flexibility, and cost savings, we have helped both Singapore and Malaysia food manufacturers achieve their production goals and deliver high-quality, safe, and nutritious food products to consumers. We can’t say for others, but our service is well-trusted by our clients over the past 3 decades.

BDF Probind Transglutaminase Blends – what is it and where is it made from?

BDF Natural Ingredients Probind Transglutaminase Blends

BDF Probind Transglutaminase Formulations, manufactured by BDF Natural Ingredients is a food texturizer that is produced from Streptomyces mobaraensis, a non-GMO and GRAS microorganism isolated from the soil.

These high quality transglutaminase (TG) enzymes are developed into functional blends designed to
improve the physical properties of food with their own unique formulation requirements.

Use in Vegan, Natural, Healthier Labels.

One of the biggest challenges for all food technologists in creating plant-based meat products is achieving a texture and mouthfeel that is similar to real meat. However, with the use of BDF Probind transglutaminase (TG) solutions, this challenge can be overcome and consumers can enjoy meat-like alternatives that are both delicious and sustainable.

When formulating plant-based meat products, it is essential to consider the use of natural additives. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ingredients in their food, and there is a growing demand for products that are made with natural ingredients. As such, BDF Probind TG blends are formulated specially for vegan products to work with different kinds of fibers, gums, to improve their textures, enhance flavor, and extend shelf life.

TG is a naturally occurring enzyme that can be used as a natural additive in plant-based meat products to improve texture and mouthfeel. It catalyzes the formation of covalent bonds between amino acids, creating a protein matrix that mimics the structure of real meat. BDF Probind TG source of the enzyme is GRAS-certified and free from any potential genetically modified organisms.

In addition to its texture and mouthfeel benefits, BDF Probind TG blends can also be used to improve the functionality of plant-based meat products. For example, it can be used to bind plant-based proteins together, improving the overall structure of the product. This is particularly important for products like meatballs and nuggets that require a more solid structure.

Applications of BDF Probind®

User-Friendly Superior Advantages of BDF Probind®

Because of their multi-functional values that enable textures, flavours, mouthfeel and stability of emulsions to be addressed all at one go,

BDF Probind series have unique formulas which make them particularly suited to quality needs of various industries like food and cosmetics:

Tasteless, odourless and non-toxic, they are the best suited texturizers for foods and cosmetics

Non-irritating to eyes and skin, they can be easily applied to skincare, personal care and pharmaceutical products

Easily dispersed in cold water

Able to withstand high heat pasteurisation and UHT sterilisation processes

Environmentally sustainable as they have excellent biodegradability

Other than improving textures, BDF Probind TG blends have several other functions like stabilizing emulsions, reducing use of other gums and stabilizers, improving the effectiveness of the ingredient combinations.  

Certifications and Approvals





GRAS approved

“Other ingredient suppliers will pass you the product sample and ask you to do their own R&D. They don’t provide any technical or regulatory support. Halim Biotech is different. We take pride in the research capabilities of our manufacturer in Europe. Each of our local clients deserve attention to make their product development process smooth and effective. We continue to improve and close up the gaps in your formulation needs.”

May LauDirector Marketing, Halim Biotech.

Here are what some of our clients have achieved with BDF Probind® Transglutaminase:

Better mouthfeel as textures and flavours are well protected.

Healthier formulations with lesser phosphates and caseinates and lower additives like emulsifiers, gums and hydrocolloids stabilizers are needed.

Visually pleasing products that are able to withstand the slicing and temperature stresses whilst maintaining their original shape and look.

Improved flavour and textures with long storage conditions

Improved stability for chilled products and products which need to undergo freeze-thaw cycles

Achieves the new impossible textures of stretchiness in cheeses and vegan versions

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