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Structured Vegetable Fats for Plant-based Vegan Meats Formulation

Fats that Does Not Melt and Can Be Cut In Any Manner

Are you looking for sustainable and high-quality fat ingredients for your vegan meat products? Look no further than our structured vegetable fats using BDF Natural Binder!

As a leading vegan meat natural additive and ingredient supplier in Singapore and Malaysia, we understand the importance of creating delicious and nutritious plant-based meat alternatives that look like their meat counterpart.

Not just looks, our natural binder additives from BDF Natural Ingredients are specially formulated to also enhance the texture and mouthfeel of vegan meats, ensuring that they’re just as satisfying and flavorful as their animal-based counterparts.

You can make your structured fats with the help from our premium plant-based ingredients in BDF Binder and are carefully designed to meet the unique demands of vegan meat formulations. Whether you’re creating burgers, sausages, or any other type of vegan meat product, using our BDF Binder in your structured fats can help you achieve the perfect texture and taste.

How do I develop a plant meat analogue that has solid fats well mixed inside the muscle fibres?

Food Technologist in Plant-based Industry

Structured vegetable fats are a popular ingredient in plant-based meat formulations, thanks to their ability to improve texture, reduce fat content, and enhance the overall nutritional profile of the final product. But how do food technologists make structured vegetable fats useful for incorporation into plant-based meats? Let’s take a closer look.

You can make a structured vegetable fat that can fit exactly into your unique plant-based meat recipe by using our BDF Binder 1.0.

One of the key benefits of structured vegetable fats is their ability to reduce the fat content of plant-based meats while still maintaining the desired texture and mouthfeel. This is achieved by substituting animal (saturated) fat for vegetable (unsaturated) fat, which is both healthier and more sustainable. Additionally, structured fats allow the addition of a high proportion of water, reducing the calorie intake and manufacturing cost of the final product.

Food technologists can use structured vegetable fats with any kind of vegetable oil with BDF Binder (alginates), giving them a wide range of options when formulating plant-based meats. By carefully selecting the right combination of oils and interesterification conditions, they can create structured fats with the desired melting point, texture, and other properties.


Suitable for reducing the fat content in a final product or for substituting animal (saturated) fat for vegetable (unsaturated) fat

Allows the addition of a high proportion of water, reducing calorie intake and manufacturing cost of the final product

Structured fat is thermo-irreversible (it does not melt) and may be cut or diced in any desired manner and added to the product during the production process

Can be used with any kind of vegetable oil

Can we use BDF Binder in Plant-based meat analogues?

BINDER 1.0, BINDER 2.0, BINDER EM and BINDER HB are designed by BDF Natural Ingredients to impart texture and provide adhesion to vegan products.

Yes, it can be used in vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, natural 100% vegan and healthier labelled products.

Incorporating structured vegetable fats into plant-based meat formulations is a crucial step in creating products that are both delicious and nutritious. By working with food technologists who specialize in structured fat development, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

BDF Binder

The BINDER series are functional formulations based on alginates and calcium. They are designed to give structure to a variety of different products.

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