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cleanLAB Food Grade Disinfectants

Use Directly On Raw Meats, Hands, Kitchen Surfaces, Toilets

Food Grade Sanitizer Covid Kitchen Use

cleanLAB Freshway

Covid needs this even more. Half a teaspoon makes 2L of powerful germs-killing liquid that frees up your precious cleaning space.

You are talking about a palm-sized tub of fine granules doing the job of 400 Litres of kitchen grade disinfectants.

Power at literally a fraction of what you are paying now.

What’s more. It neutralizes the strong protein odours that’s why you call this FRESHWAY.

Freshway’s Active Solution of Hypochlorous Acid Function Just Your Body’s Natural Defense Mechanisms – Fully Biodegradable, 0 Toxins, 0 Residues

“Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by our white blood cells and is an essential part of our immune system. This process is called phagocytosis and is one of humans’ most symbiotic actions – eliminating pathogens yet being inherently harmless, unlike most other disinfectants which are toxic.”

– Source: British Dental Journal

We know you need to be sustainable in your work hygiene practices. So we came up with a formula that contains only ingredients that our body recognizes! This means Freshway is fully biodegradable, leaving zero toxins and zero residues.

In fact, cleanLABTM Freshway is designed to help you remove the pesticide residues on your vegetables and raw meats of chicken, fish, pork, duck and beef!

No Rinse Needed, So Easy That Kids Know How

Think you are safe once your kitchen team gets certified for hygiene food handling courses? Try standing in the frontline operations of customer service or as a chef, and you will know sanitizing in the required steps are prohibitive to work efficiency.

Add this to new part-timers, rush lunch hours and a covid-trimmed operations. Upkeeping food safety hygiene becomes an art.

cleanLAB™ FRESHWAY allows you to easily mix fresh sanitizing liquid and use in different methods.

Best of all, spray and let it do its work.

Do not worry about forgetting to rinse off, or about possible toxins left behind. ‘Cos it’s designed to let your kitchen team focus on the cooking!

Works For Sensitive Skins – Especially Those Who Can’t Tolerate Alcohol Sanitizers

Kitchen hands are always overworked in tough conditions and you don’t have to feel resigned that cleaning will make your skin even more sensitive to harsh chemicals!

cleanLABTM Freshway is a non-alcohol food-safe kitchen cleaning product specially designed for easy spray application. With a neutral pH, you will find it as calming as normal tap water.

The Power of Sanitizers Lies In How Fresh The Liquid Is

Freshway’s special sanitizing granules have been formulated to lower bacterial contamination at a much safer and lower concentration, to be mixed into a fresh disinfectant liquid for maximum power any time you need it.

In particular to busy dining areas where cleaning time is limited, biofilm build up quickly and attract flies or insects. Flies are disturbing to the customers and bad for image. Other than spreading germs easily, customers get distracted and spend their dining experience waving off flies and not appreciating the unique flavours of their food. Let cleanLABTM  FRESHWAY restore the conducive dining experiences for your customers.

1 fly draws 900 flies, 1 cockcroach means there are 30 others nearby. Worry no more. cleanLABTM  food safe kitchen cleaning products FRESHWAY granules and FRESHWAY EZ GRIP will give you happy customers and with that, happy staffs all around.

Read our latest article published 2022 in Envision, an official publication by National Environment Agency (NEA) Singapore, on “Disinfectants Demystified In The Face Of Covid-19” with this download link here. The article is found on page 84-88.

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