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Ryoto Sugar Esters Food Grade Emulsifiers

RYOTO® Sugar Ester, a.k.a sucrose fatty acid ester is a food emulsifier that esterifies sucrose and fatty acids derived and extracted from plants manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and distributed by Halim Biotech Malaysia and Singapore.

Get Rid of All Oil Separation Problems with Ryoto Sugar Esters Even If Your Other Emulsifiers Don’t Work.

With most emulsifiers, you may never be able to stop the separation from happening even after several trials. Even when you feel that you have exhausted your best combination of gums, gels and other emulsifiers, the creamy sauce still sinks with brown protein deposits.

You may also experience new stresses of your formula absorbing the color or taste of the emulsifier. In the process of solving one problem, you end up creating two more.

What you want from your emulsifier is not asking a lot:

To prevent separation of oil and water from your new recipe

To be natural-sourced, without common nut or milk allergens

To prevent your bakes or frozen food from drying out in freezer conditions

To do its job in as little dose as possible, without affecting the taste, and color

Understand the science, and you will know why emulsifiers vary differently in strength, functionality, and profile.

POWER UP Your Emulsifier

Emulsifier functions are defined by their hydrophilic lipophilic balance or HLB values which range from 1-16.

Unlike typical food additive emulsifiers with limited range of HLB values for eg, polysorbate (HLB 10-15), glycerine fatty acid ester (HLB 3-6), sorbitan fatty acid ester (HLB 2-9) or lecithin (HLB 3-5),

SUCROSE FATTY ACID ESTERS offer an entire range of HLB values from 1 to 16.

Ryoto Sugar Esters: the all-in-one solution for most industries?

Ryoto™ sugar esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation are emulsifiers with one of the widest range of HLB values available in the world supply of food emulsifiers.

This is because of the versatility in chemical properties made possible by controlling the degree of esterification and the type of fatty acid used. Due to this versatility of Ryoto™ sugar esters in chemical structure, they offer a much wider range of functional properties than other emulsifiers.

Source: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Why Choose Ryoto Sugar Esters by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation?

After representing this brand for decades, we are sure of the following:

Not all brands of sucrose fatty acid esters perform as efficiently as Ryoto Sugar Esters.

EMulsion professor at Food Ingredient Asia Seminar

Most Comprehensive Range of Targeted Sucrose Esters Grades with Different Combinations of Fatty Acids

Ryoto Sugar Esters are customized to specific grades for most HLB values between 1-16, possible only with proprietary high technology heavy innovation. This makes them the most comprehensive range of sucrose esters in the market with versatility and a diverse range of functions. All grades exhibit good surfactant functionality.

Manufactured in World-recognized High Technology Facility in Japan

Japan’s renowned reputation in high-quality confectionery products is a result of their demanding technical expertise in food formulas.

Strong Seamless Distributor Service Dedicated To You in Malaysia and Singapore for more than 30 years

In every factory-scale production, consistent quality and continuous support in regulatory requirements are key factors to smooth operations. We can’t say for others, but our delivery has never suffered even a slight glitch over the past 3 decades.

RYOTO™ SUGAR ESTER – what is it and where is it made from?

Ryoto Sugar Esters Malaysia

RYOTO™ Sugar Ester, manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is a food emulsifier that esterifies sucrose and fatty acids derived and extracted from plants.

Use in Vegan, Natural, Healthier Labels.

Launched for decades and made completely of plant material, food manufacturers worldwide have used Ryoto Sugar Esters in their healthier, plant-based formulations.

By varying the type and degree of fatty acid esterification, Ryoto™ sugar esters possess various characteristics which can be applied to personal care items like cosmetics, to industrial food applications like milk beverages or confectionery.

Sucrose fatty acid esters are used to form oil-in-water (o/w) or water-in-oil (w/o) emulsions depending on the fat and water content of each unique formulation.

Applications of Ryoto™ Sugar Esters

Source: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

User-Friendly Superior Advantages of Ryoto™ Sugar Esters

Because of this wide-ranging HLB values that enable emulsifying function for almost all compositions of fats, oils and water,

Ryoto Sugar Esters have unique features which make them particularly suited to quality needs of various industries like food and pharmaceuticals:

Tasteless, odourless and non-toxic, they are the best suited emulsifier for foods and pharmaceuticals

Non-irritating to eyes and skin, they can be easily applied to skincare, personal care and pharmaceutical products

Easily dispersed in cold water

Able to withstand high heat pasteurisation and UHT sterilisation processes

Environmentally sustainable as they have excellent biodegradability

Other than emulsification, Ryoto Sugar Esters have several other functions like preventing degradation of proteins, reducing starch migration, reducing sugar crystallization and aeration.  

Certifications and Approvals




GRAS approved

Different Grades of Ryoto™ Sugar Esters according to HLB values

“Other ingredient suppliers will pass you the product specifications and close your inquiry. They don’t provide any technical or regulatory support. Halim Biotech is different. Even after your formulation issues have been resolved, we continue to be an extension of your team. That’s what makes us so special and that’s what makes our clients—and their R&D team—so sought after.”

May LauDirector Marketing, Halim Biotech.

Here are what some of our clients have achieved with Ryoto Sugar Esters:

Better mouthfeel as smaller oil droplets give a feeling of higher fat content

Easier kneadability with reduced stickiness in soft buns, Asian kuihs and dough as water and oil are better distributed through product

Fresher tasting frozen products as fat from the oil is protected during freezing. Ryoto Sugar Ester maintains a creamy feel and smooth texture, making them the best performing co-emulsifier with monoglycerides

Improved flavour and retains flavour with long storage conditions

Improved stability for chilled products and products which need to undergo freeze-thaw cycles

Prevents browning and precipitation of contents in retort foods

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