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Non-Alcohol Food Grade Sanitizers

Sustainable and space-saving solutions for food factories to retail kitchens!

WARNING: Do not assume that all food-grade sanitizers are safe for use on all parts of the kitchen especially where exposed food is concerned.

cleanLABTM Food Grade solutions are researched and developed by world’s leading technology disinfectant company that specializes in meat processing factories.

With more than half a century’s work in reinventing sustainable and safe sanitizers, cleanLABTM is the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective sanitizing solution used in Singapore and Malaysia today.

Your Top 3 Food Hygiene Concerns Answered!

Safe Clean Food

Fresh Smell

Insect-free Environment

cleanLABTM are specially researched to remove protein biofilm (which alcohol-based sanitizers have no effect on!). Where any food preparation is done, there will be protein biofilm build-up which quickly leads to strong odours and pests problems.

Buzzing flies and scrambling cockroaches are due to the invisible BIOFILM.

Remove the odours and reduce pests with food grade sanitizers designed for HACCP enforcement.

And the biggest challenge remains that EFFECTIVE food-safe restaurant and kitchen cleaning products are not commonly available. 

Mr EG Tan, Hygiene Officer

Incorporation of cleanLABTM system into the restaurant’s standard process of cleaning at all critical areas will solve all issues within a few days.

Easy to use and quick, cleanLAB systems are well embraced by cleaners and staffs.

Juhalim Biotech team made sure our food preparation areas are well covered by Bioklor mist. It was reassuring to know that the misting efficacy was proven in tests as we cannot see bacteria with our eyes.

Chief Operations Officer, KL Franchise

Active Hypochlorus Acid – Solution to Safe & Effective Chlorine Solution

Globally, infection control experts have alerted instituitions that Microbial resistance has reached critical levels. There are 2 main causes:

i) incorrect/ineffective cleaning methods

ii) inappropriate use of disinfectants – particularly the application of insufficient active ingredient to ensure eradication of organism populations rather than ‘control’*.

Chlorination, if applied in the most active available form of hypochlorous acid, is effective because of its unique ability to break down the microscopic protein biofilm shielding organisms and control odor formation.

Check out our latest disinfectant for upkeeping biosecurity in farms.

Read our latest article in Envision, an official publication by National Environment Agency (NEA) Singapore, on “Disinfectants Demystified In The Face Of Covid-19” with this download link here. The article is found on page 84-88.

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