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Researched Global Ingredients.
Localised Successes.

You may be tempted to use world-class ingredients with impressive study results. But how do you know they work in our tropical weather, or that they produce the same effects with locally sourced materials?

We understand your worries. That’s why all our products have local happy users.

Food Innovation Solution

Food Innovation Solutions

Create better flavours that last longer with high quality plant-based emulsifiers from Japan.

Beverage Innovation Solution

Beverage Innovation Solutions

Emulsify flavors and oils, stabilize protein, suspend seeds (nuts) and enhance mouthfeel with Ryoto™ Sugar Esters (Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids) from Japan.

Food Safety & Biosecurity Solution

Food Safety & Biosecurity Sanitizers

HACCP-approved food grade sanitizers, researched formulas proven to protect farms’ biosecurity.

Food Innovation Solutions

Animal Feed Nutrition

Healthcare programs for poultry, pigs and ducks improve FCR and reduce mortality rates.

Food Innovation Solutions

Plastic Additives

Offering a wide range of innovative additives from Cabot and Baerlocher to help you meet your efficiency, sustainability and quality standards in your final products.

Like you, most of our clients are SMEs that have grown from local to international, from single to multiple factories.


We bring quality-verified standards to you.

4 Pillars of Service Areas

  • Specialized Food Ingredients
  • Food Safety Hygiene and Farm Biosecurity
  • Animal Feed Nutrition
  • Plastic Additives

Creating Sustainability Goals

Our mission is to identify your unique local needs, match them with our researched solutions and create long term successful sustainable formulas!

Serving You In Malaysia

Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd was set up in Selangor to service all stake holders in food and beverage manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, and veterinary farming.

Delivering Global Quality to Malaysia, Singapore and Asean

With close to 40 years of market presence, Halim Biotech is well recognized as the exclusive gateway to quality, researched specialty ingredients from Japan, USA, Europe and Singapore.

The proven formula to your sustainability

We increase your sustainability, using 3 consistent values of:



To sieve out the cream of the crop research-based value-proven products, provide prompt, professional quality services with integrity.


Customer focus

To consistently listen out to the needs and have a regular feedback loop in which prompt attention is paid even when answers need time.



We strive to provide only the most versatile and feasible solutions for our local customers and support regulatory needs with full follow through until project needs are met.

Professional Biotech Sales Team

You will love our passionate and focused technical sales team, which is the result of our emphasis on establishing long-term customer relationships over immediate returns. So you can always trust that:


Your questions and concerns will be heard.


You will get a full understanding of the values of each solution offered.


You will get the best attitude even if there are no matching solutions for your problem.


You will always be guided throughout and beyond WITH SMILES AND PROFESSIONALISM. Our service attitudes do not stop at delivery.

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You are guaranteed a friendly voice or face greeting. Failing that, you will get a year’s worth of free consultations on us.