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Super Chicks Healthcare Supplement For DOC

Getting Day Old Chicks Off To A Strong Headstart!

Your chicks have just arrived and you are all prepped to give them the best environment you can.

Except that they cannot overcome their stress-induced appetite loss.

The next week is the test of your layer or broiler’s farm’s productivity rate. A newly hatched chick needs optimal nutrient absorption to cope with the rapid growth in size and organs.

Due to its immature gastrointestinal tract and challenges in adapting to a change of lipid based nutrients absorption from yolk sac to processing nutrients from starch-based feed, an enhanced early nutrition program is necessary to ensure proper growth and survival.

What Happens After The Chick Leaves The Comfort Of Its Mother Hen?

In the commercial environment of breeder, broiler or layer farming, chicks are transported in high-density cages, cramped with many other new chicks in tens or hundreds of thousands per batch, to their new home. During the transportation process, there are many factors which can adversely affect the chick’s health status, like loading and unloading stress, air speed, duration, humidity, noise and many others.
The stress day old chicks faced are multifactorial:

  1. Change of yolk sac nutrients to water and grain feed
  2. Shock and dehydration from stress of transport and a highly anxious, cramped environment
  3. Time stress of absorbing the nutrients needed for proper development of organs within this critical maturation period

Super Chicks™ is a premium micro-feed nutrient for immunity building.

A breakthrough health care and anti-stress formula for DOC day-old to day-7 chicks. Specially formulated 7-10 days feeding program. Easy to use and effective.

The Indications of Super Chicks™
To boost energy intake of day-old chicks
To prevent stress due to transportation
To prevent dehydration
To improve resistance to chilling
To improve body resistance to diseases
To build up better initial body weight
To reduce mortality
The Benefits of Super Chicks™
Avoid stress and stunted growth
Avoid death due to dehydration
Reduces shocks and sudden death due to hypoglycemia
Avoids stress as a result of vaccination
Packing: 25 kgs net per paper bag.  

Read our latest article published 2023 in Envision, an official publication by National Environment Agency (NEA) Singapore, on “Egging Towards An ‘Egg-ficient’ &’Egg-silient’ Future” with this download link here. The article is found on page 70-74.

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