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Nutrigro Natural Feed Supplement For Young Piglets

How To Prevent Weaning Dip And Grow Consistent Healthier Pigs

Diarrhoea is one of the most dreaded problems faced during weaning. Most farmers take it as a sign to add in more antibiotics, in the hope of relieving the young piglet’s immune system.

Unknowingly, such costly treatment strategies only make the piglets slow down in their growth rate. As many research has surfaced that antibiotics can wipe out the gut microbiome that’s intended to keep the piglets free from infections!

By taking care of the weaning stress and increasing acceptance through a more palatable creep feed, swine farmers all over Malaysia have repeatedly improved their pigs’ health and production efficiency.

Nutrigro is the best and proven researched natural micro-nutrient supplement for young piglets.

Enjoy Watching Your Livelier Young Pigs Grow Stronger Quickly, With More Lean Meat!

Nutrigro™ is a premium quality glucose in the form of short chain glucose polymer and soluble peptides.

NutriGRO™ is supplied in the form of hydrolyzed free-flowing fine particles. It is highly digestible and absorbed by the animals during their early stages of life.

Nutrigro™ Features
Non-hygroscopic and free-flowing powder
Free from any rancid off-flavor
Free from Trypsin inhibitors
Highly suitable for premium food
Dispersible in water
Highly palatable to piglets/calves
The Benefits of Nutrigro™
Better growth performance
Reduce weaning dip
Improve feed conversion ratio
Reduce incidence of diarrhoea
Enhance immune system
Packing: 25 kgs net per paper bag.  

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