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Misting Disinfectants

Not All Misting Sanitizers Have Been Tested For Efficacy in Misting Or Fogging Applications

As a cleaning company, you may think that sanitizers that are food grade and non-toxic can work in your fogging machine. In fact, almost all sanitizing chemicals used by contractors in the Covid19 pandemic for fogging have not been tested for their direct misting efficacy.

This means:

your client may still be exposed to diseased pathogens at their workplace

your service contracts may be discontinued if infection rates of client increase instead of decrease

your clients may be accidentally exposed to chemicals that are not safe for sensitive skin or eyes, causing severe adverse reactions

All you want is to complete your decontamination services in the most professional way possible. In this competitive service industry, can you afford a lapse in sanitizing efficacy?

The efficacy test of microbial kill after misting tells the true story. That is why Bioklor Mist came about.

To fill the needs for quick and thorough decontamination work of infected environments.

Or simply, to offer assured protection of at-risk populations like schools and elderly homes and hospitals.

Even in retail food outlets, when closing the area for long will result in major loss of revenue.

Bioklor MistTM

Efficacy Tested On Misting & Fogging

Safe for decontamination applications in work places, schools, elderly facilities, food factories, canteens and more.

Kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and biofilm almost instantly.

Food and Drinking Water Grade

Packed in convenient 180g powder granules.

Use 1 scoop in 5L of water for disinfecting surfaces using a fogging or misting machine.

Read our latest article in Envision, an official publication by National Environment Agency (NEA) Singapore, on “Disinfectants Demystified In The Face Of Covid-19” with this download link here. The article is found on page 84-88.

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